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04 April 2006, 08:14 PM
I am currently rendering a scene with mental ray. Its a fairly large scene...large textures 2048...some normal maps...some displacement maps. All the settings are tweaked in the aproximation editor to achieve the best quality. I am rendering with Scanline on...and using OpenGL to render my shadows(which are shadow maps). I have tweaked my memory limit in mental ray from 800mb default to 1200 and even tried 1500. I have 2gb of ram currently installed. I also will use Large BSP instead of default BSP accelerator.

Mental ray will render 1 frame this way very quickly...about 10min or less. (1024x768). But when I try to render another frame from another angle I can maybe render 1 more frame. But always at the 2nd or 3rd render while maya is will crash.

I dont really understand this problem seeing as I can get MR to render 1-2 frames quickly and without problems. Then when I try for a third render it crashes maya. Does mental ray have some sort of memory leak? Does it not flush the ram between renders? or is this not my problem at all? I can set my memory limit back down to 800 but it takes forever. Havent actually sat through and waited to see how many renders I am capable of before maya decides to crash.

Pretty frustrating. Anybody else run into this kind of a problem? I simply cant see why It can render a few frames only then decide to crash on the 3rd round. *not batch rendering...yet*

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04 April 2006, 08:14 PM
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