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04 April 2006, 11:07 PM
Hey all, I'm trying to do a scene called "The first kiss".

By now I'm only working in the background, when it's finished I'll add 2 persons looking each other (moments before the kiss).

It's gonna be a gift for a friend. I need critics, comments and whatever you think about it.

Here's the background (~4.5h PSCS):

Any idea how I can improve it?


04 April 2006, 04:33 PM
A little update (+ 1h of work), changed the mountains, refined the sky and a color correction:

04 April 2006, 07:06 PM
Up (+ ~1h of work)... Need C&C..

God bless!

04 April 2006, 09:55 PM
Just a change on the tree's shadows/colors.
I'm out of ideas so I think the background is done.. :shrug:

Suggestions, critics and comments are welcome.

04 April 2006, 04:41 AM
All I see is the default photoshop grass brush. It's easy to spot.

I say go with a more stylized grass design or make your own custom brush for grass. Using the default grass brush is almost as bad as the lens flare filter.

Also be aware of the point as which you can no longer discern individual blades and should instead paint with broader shapes.

04 April 2006, 11:39 AM
Umm.. I'l try to do a brush for grass then. Thanks! :thumbsup:

04 April 2006, 03:57 PM
Ok, I tried to make my own grass brush..

What you think about the image now?

I was thinking in changing the concept.. Thianking about drawing a person beside the tree sitting on the grass looking to the horizon.

A calm scene, just a perfect place to relax..

Waiting for C&C..


04 April 2006, 05:34 PM
A new try on the grass.. :wip:

Wich one do you prefer? The last one or this one:

Thanks in advice.

04 April 2006, 06:04 PM
Hi! I prefer the one with softer grass. And the mountains look strange right next to the beach. I think that looks a bit unrealistic because I never saw something like that.. but maybe it exists? I like the texture you gave to the clouds, though. Since you're making a landscape, I advise you to search for some references for your sunset. A sunset never has white light, it has warm colors mostly, no? Go ahead with the idea of a person sitting under the tree, too.

Sorry for my bad english.:wip:

04 April 2006, 06:18 PM
It's not suposed to be a sunset. :curious:

The idea comes out from this image:
Apostles Mountain (

I don't want to make a city there, I should add some vegetation near the beach, but it's hard for me as I'm just a newby on painting. :sad:

So, I'm stuck. Don't know what to do next. :cry:
Help please...

04 April 2006, 06:30 PM
Ooh so sorry, I thought it was a sunset because of the light near the horizon, but it's just mist then.. If you're having a hard time doing vegetation, you can make some brushes or use Goro's brushes (, and then refine the vegetation. I'm a newbie myself, so I understand you.:D

04 April 2006, 07:56 PM
Soooo hard! :cry:
At least I tried:

Any idea? :shrug:


04 April 2006, 08:02 PM
Well, just without these mist trying to hide the bad painting:

04 April 2006, 10:23 PM
Still working on it.. :wip:

Critics please...

04 April 2006, 10:42 PM
Just playing with characters... :D

04 April 2006, 10:49 PM
Your work is really improving. I would make the tree a bit bigger or the girl a bit smaller, though. The tree seems too small comparing to the girl. I also prefer the version of your painting where the vegetation looks more organic. Now it seems a bit plastic and too shiny. The shadow behind the boy is too saturated.. Apart from this, good job. :thumbsup: The mist looks more like mist now.

04 April 2006, 02:54 AM
What about it now?

I'll not go on characters now, background first.

Thanks for the comments/critics!
God bless...

04 April 2006, 02:35 PM
Up! Hope you like it. :D

04 April 2006, 12:34 AM
Up! New shadow on the tree and added some folliage below it.

It's getting hard to draw a person sitting near it! Tips please. :shrug:

Need C&C..

04 April 2006, 12:50 AM
The way the mountains trail off in the distance, they seem to detach from the ground/water. Stronger atmospheric perspective should help a lot with that.

04 April 2006, 01:04 AM
Good catch TimonQ, I'll try to fix it tomorow..
Last update tonight..

More C&C please..

04 April 2006, 10:41 PM

I'll try to add an eagle to the sky.
C&C please...

04 April 2006, 11:20 PM
Eagle update:

04 April 2006, 11:25 PM
Minor update (mountain colors):

04 April 2006, 10:47 PM
Is this the end?

I need critics or I'll call it done.

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04 April 2006, 10:47 PM
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