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12 December 2002, 08:47 PM
Here's an idea for a collaborative work that might be fun. I had this idea with a friend a while back, but we never got around to doing anything with it, but maybe everyone here will want to. Anyhow here's the concept.

It's a parody of the Terminator series (hence the title). The idea being, something along these lines. Starting out as all the T films do in the future with a battle ground, we see a terminator come accross a ruin, it goes in and we see that it's basically an old disco style club inside, all broken down of course. The terminator travels back to the past (this is all done in straight laced style of course, just like the movies at this point). He arrives in just an normal garage (side of house syle), opens the garage door, and you get the first shot of the T1970 in his new skin (all toon style from now on)... joke being he's this geeky looking white guy looking perhaps a bit like garfunkle, really bad taste 1970's clothes... only he obviously thinks he's it, the disco king! then from there although i've not spent enough time ot really flesh out the story it would be him surverying where he was... looking through his eyes (the traditional terminator view, although perhaps little charts showing his Mojo factor or something like that) he spots some babes in a car and gives chase terminator style, maybe ending up in that same broken down disco, only now it works or whatever...

anyhow i thought this would give plenty of scope for some fun. so if you want to join in then do say, and maby help along with the plot, the gags, the storyboard, the concept artwork, the modeling, animating, we need everyone! i guess it will need buildings, characters, backgrounds, matte paintings, character sketches...

i was thinking parhaps using DJ Shadow "The Numbers Song" for the music (once we see the T1970 in all his glory, kinda the counting going with quick shots or closeups of his "features" like gold teeth, or whatever blin bling the guy has, then once the bass comes in a slow pan up him standing there on the driveway till he strikes the classic travolta pose or something, then at the breakdown maybe using that to do a faux bullet rip off, with panning accross a city from a long shot showing him in his beat up car jumping over the crest of a sf hill).. anyhow you all get the idea by now, car chasing, sphagetti junction stuff, you name it, whatever we can design, model and build should be put in, and any cool jokes you wanna add... feel free.

anyhow, i gues... help! (please join in, i think this could be really fun).

12 December 2002, 09:06 PM
:bounce: this sounds cool:bounce:

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