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12 December 2002, 02:05 PM
i bought the Macromedia studio MX pacage, and it came with two programs i never heard of. Coldfusion and freehand.

now i looked on thier site, to find out what they do, but they were vague. does someone know what they do excatly? and are they useful?

12 December 2002, 05:20 PM
you've never heard of freehand? wow! ok, well freehand is macromedias competitor to illustrator. it's a vactor artwork package. it's better than illustrator in many ways is it's far more accurate, has a number of superior tools, handles text better and can deal with multiple pages well. however in some ways it's inferior. it's not as "artist" friendly for illustrations. it doesn't have photoshop layer blending, or layer blending at all really (although it does have transparency, in fact it was the first vector package to really bring that to the market at the time, but then it fell behind all the others, even corel draw). it's better integrated with flash, and has good pdf export functionality.

coldfusion is in fact a server technology (i.e. it's a web server). it's a combination of an SQL based database and a web server which uses it's own "coldfusion" language (kinda like ASP, or PHP). it's powerful, but i've not come accorss that many servers out there on the web that have coldfusion, those that do charge top dollar for it :/ but on the other hand it is very powerful, and it's good to have a server there for when you're making dynamic flash or html web pages.

hope this explains it enough for you :)

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