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04 April 2006, 04:30 PM
I am pretty new to ZBrush, it really is a great program. What I am doing at the moment is a human, which I modelled in Maya and which I want to texture and sculpture in ZBrush. I started to sculpture the head but somehow I have a problem. Although I have the Draw Size at 1 and Subdivision to 6, I can't sculpture really small lines, like I would need for the lips. I already tried to change the focal shift, but it stays the same, too many polygones are pushed.

I hope that is the right way, that I sculpture the model now from the lowest sdiv level to the highest and that I can later put the information into a displacement and bump map.

Thank you!

04 April 2006, 09:42 PM
Have a look at the great workflow tut to know how to transfer your lowres model and the displacement/normal maps. For modeling small details zoom in on the part of the model you want to add detail to. Then choose a brush size. Size 1 is very small and not really suitable for pushing polygons its more for moving individual vertices. Choose something bigger, say 6, which is very small when you zoom you model right up. Hope it helps.

04 April 2006, 02:41 PM
enape: To make fine details in your model, I think is more appropriate for you use the Projection Master plugin. This plugin comes with ZBrush, and allows you to use all ZBrush tools to modify your model in more detailed way. To use, do the following:
1. Position the part of your model you want to detail on your workspace. Maximize it as much as possible, and position it the way it faces you.
2. Press "g" on your keyboard or press the Projection Master button on the left upper part of ZBrush window. A welcome screen will appear.
3. As you aren't dealing with color issues, uncheck the color option.
4. Check the Deformation option. Be sure that Normalized option be checked too.
5. Press Drop now button.

What you have now is a dropped 3d model in screen (you can't rotate it) that you can manipulate using all zbrush tools, stokes and alphas. Then you can use small strokes with deco brush to make wrinkles, spray strokes with simples brush to make pores, etc.

6. When you are done, press "g" again, or hit Projection Master button. the PM window will appear, and you will press Pick up Now button.

Then ZBrush will project all details you've made into your model (because this is important your model is positioned facing you).

Then you can reposition your model and do all steps again. The best way to use PM is working on small parts of your model, once at a time.

About the workflow, in you can find PDF manual explaining in details the worflow between ZBrush and Maya, 3DMax and XSI.

04 April 2006, 01:45 AM
Thank you Matariki and jramauri!

I already thought about using Projection Master. I will try to work with it tomorrow, I am done with the rough details in ZBrush, so now I want to do the small bump deteils.

But now I have another question, about displacement and bump map.
I saw in this Maya zbrush pdf how both of them work, but my question is when I create them. For example I only want to have the small details in the bump map and the rough in the displacment map, how can I achieve that? Can I sculpture now everything in really small details and later create those maps, or how does that work?
Sorry if this is a silly question, but the workflow for that is not really clear to me and I haven't read anything yet about it.

Btw. here ( is the thread to the wip of the human. I will add soon renders from Zbrush.

thank you!

edit: WAAA!!! I looked at your Portfolio, jramauri, and when I saw this one image i thought immediately of Björk!!! Good model, and yeah, I am a big fan too :D. I have the Medulla poster and the one where she is holding the leaf here in my little room, and every CD :love:. Haha, ok, what ever :), just thought it would be funny to say. :thumbsup:

04 April 2006, 10:34 AM
About the maps, you can sculpt your model with all details you want, and them to generate maps, you can go back to the first level, and generate the bump. All details will be included. To generate the displacement, go until the level you want to maintain and in Geometry section of tools pallete, delete higher levels of your model. Go back to the first level, and then generate you displacement.
But I believe is better do the oposite - maintain all details on Displacement, and medium details on bump map. I usually do this (and Meats Meyer said this too, on his Gnomon DVD. If Meats said, then it must be truth!). In my Bjork model, I made two different maps for her. With my fine details I generate a displacement map, and after that I painted a grayscale texture over my model, to serve as bump. I liked the results (and it seems you too... :)). So you can consider doing this too.
Later I'll take a look on your wip. Now I can't because I'm already late!

PS: thanks for your words about my Bjork model. I'm a long time fan of her for years, and I'm very proud to have made a model that represents her so faithfully (though are far from perfect...).

04 April 2006, 06:03 AM
Ya I second that,

I would never model lips, thats a waist of delayed pick up times with projection master,
I am new to zbrush too, but I do have a work flow- I would use the bump material and PM to paint real time bump maps! Thats fun. I also like the new tutorials at ZbrushCentral for Painting with textures!

Your right this program is great, I have been using it for less than a year but it still surprises me! Love it!

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