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12 December 2002, 12:17 PM
Hi fusionites..


Would it make sense to install a df rendernode on a machine which allready has DF installed on it ..

assuming that . at times .. u may not want to load the df with its gui .. but just provide render support to other machines .. But because all (3) mahcines have df loaded . df rendernodes are also installed on them ..

how will the render network work if any machine which is not necessariliy the master .. has both df and df rendernode running at the same time ..

which of the two would participate in the render network.. ?


does df have any mouse /keyboard shortcuts to snap the current cursor to the in point and out points of any node ( loaders .. etc ) in the time line .. ?


does df have any mouse /keyboard shortcuts to shift the loaders in-point in the timeline .. to a specified location or to the current frame location ..


does df have any mouse /keyboard shortcuts to bring the current frame location in the timeline , to the center of the screen at the same zoom level ?


how can we use one flow inside another flow .. like we do precomposition in AfterEffects ..

Thanks in advance

mike_sul :thumbsup:

12 December 2002, 06:33 PM


I'd advise using just the interface version of DF for network rendering. (Unless you are using floating licenses). I'm still on holidays, and can't confirm with the developers as to what might happen with both RNode and DF running at the same time. I'd assume that one would cancel out the other, similar to what DF does if you open a second instance.

There is a check option under the file menu to "allow network renders", and I'd suggest you just toggle this when you wish to allow them.


You can get to the beginning of a clip in the timeline or clip list by double clicking it in the loaders clip list.


I'm not under the right OS at the moment to test this, but you might try selecting the loader in the timeline, and then use the offset option and see if that works.


In version 4.0, you can use [alt] + [ctrl] and click the mouse in either the timeline or spline editor to position the current time bar there.


Digital Fusion with it's node based system doesn't really need sub-compositions or flows.. However, for organizational purposes you can in version 3.1 group tools, and in version 4, group tools, and see them in a seperate window very much like a sub-flow.

12 December 2002, 07:23 PM
Hi JayK ..

thanks for that quick reply .. i am impressed ..
let me post my coments on them ..


what u said makes lot of sense .. when we can use the interface version .. why need need additional rendernode .. makes cost sense too ..


well double clicking works .. but only to get to the in-point of loader clips ..

what i was looking out was for in-point and out-points of loader clips as well as for other nodes like filters, masks, merges, polygon changes .. anything that shows up in the timeline as tracks ..

for eg .
in After effects a kboard shorcut "I" takes u to the in point of any layer .. "o" takes u to the outpoint .. even while dragging the cursor in the timeline it snaps to the in-point and outpoints as well as any keyframes while dragging over them . these tools make it working in the timeline very easy ..

i am sure lot of people who use Df know that just as the flow based architecture is its plus point .. the timeline somehow needs a massive overhaul ..


I checked the time:offset option .. it works to shift the clip in-point relative to its current pos .. good feature ..
it would also help if we could place the cursor in any location and then via some shortcut just snap the selected clip to that in-point.
more user friendly


The alt+ctrl+click helps in getting the cursor to right where we are in the timeline .. but what i was looking out was a way to automatically pan the timeline without changing its zoomscale to the existing cursor location .. ( u see the other way around ) .. is that possible .. ?


Let say i spent some time creating a nice flow .. a cool effect .. later on .. while working on another project i would like to include that entire flow as a part of the new flow ..

that is what i meant by a flow inside another flow ..

this method of creating different flows/compositions and later on integrating them into one flow ( called as "pre-composition" in after effects .. ps- i have earlier worked on aftereffects .. but now i prefer df over any other sw ) is a great organisation tool and helps us manage huge projects by concentrating on smaller units of the job.

I hope the comments i have added.. shall set some thinking caps to roll .. I believe that forums are intended to share our individual experiences .. to achieve a unifiying collective knowledge base .. to develop on ..

thanks all the same .


12 December 2002, 12:06 AM

I'll be sure to add a few of these requests to our database back at work in the new year.

In the meantime, a few comments;


You can use combinations of ctrl, alt, shift and the square brackets to jump to keyframes, in/out etc. (can't recall all of them off hand.. )


Will be added to the Request database.


You can use the square brackets to advance and then retreat a single frame to quickly pan the spline or timline view to the current time. I know it takes two key strokes, but this should suffice for now.


This is exactly what groups were written for, as well as (to a lesser extent) macros. Right now in DF4, you can simply select all these tools for your "effect" and group them. From there drag the group to the Bins, and it will request a file name for the "preset". Later all you have to do is drag from the bins to your flow.

Setting up a Macro is a little more work, but they allow you to hide the extraneous controls from a new user in your facility.

12 December 2002, 09:05 AM
thanks jayK ..

u made my day ..

some of my queries are as good as solved ..

for others i am sure .. future versions would incorporate user requests ..

if we can study other packages and filter out more user friendly techniques and incorporate .. no harm done .. because on a personal note , I get scared trying to use the df timeline .. LOL

bye for now ..

mike_sul :cool:

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