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04 April 2006, 12:38 AM
this is my first thread in this great new subforum, it will not be the last for sure.
I started this piece as a speedpaint sketch some weeks ago, it was yesterday that i decided to further work on the sketch and in order to improve my matte painting skills turn it into one. At the moment i am about to end the concept stage, except the grass in the front(that will be replaced also because it's so blurry) everything is handpainted for now. The buildings will probably be build in 3D, the rest will be painted parts plus photo elements. For now i've not yet decided what the style of the architecture is going to be, i have something in mind but just can't grab it right now. Some Maya temple elements would be nice maybe, but i am open to your suggestions for sure.
I'd also like to know what you think of the composition and especially the colours.
Thanks for your comments!

04 April 2006, 08:43 AM
i like it a lot its a great start

try to add a little more contrast maybe - right now the colours look a little washed out
for something so dramatic


04 April 2006, 09:30 AM
Hi bearfoot, thanks for your tip. I've already upped the contrast and adjusted the colours a bit, and a minor change is the waterfall in the lower left corner to guide the viewer better into the image. So what do you all think?

04 April 2006, 01:29 PM
very nice start!
i think that this kind of lightning would lit all the rocks on both sides like a harsh flash light
and produce strong contrasty shadows
and light would fade off from flash to the outskirts of image
I personaly would make light color differnt so you will get colored light on normal nature colored rocks/architecture

04 April 2006, 05:57 PM
zoki, thanks a lot for your advise! It really helped me out, now i like the image more. But i have to say that the lighting is pretty difficult to create, well at least for me. But that's the way you learn, isn't it. While painting i have decided not to include photo elements, painting is just more fun. I have to make a break now, don't know yet what or if i am going to change something later. I will have to create the architecture for sure.

04 April 2006, 08:37 PM
welcome derwolpertinger ! this is a great concept by the way, the castle and the village is great as well as the canyon, you have some points here that I would like to discuss
the camera angle is good for vertigo scenes like this one, but I don't think the perspective is good , talking about vertical angles in the lighting tornado and the architecture, use some lines to help you with this issue
the amount of light from the tornado or the ray beam has to project very strong and long shadows in the ground and in the architecture itself, the castle shadow should look long trough the ground

I'm looking forward to see more

04 April 2006, 12:28 AM
Hi jamesvfx,
thanks for your suggestions, i am currently working on the shadow issue, but i have to define the architecture first to create a corresponding shadow, i have not yet decided what the style of the architecture will be, but it will be some bold simple architecture, a bit like maya temples.
It would be nice if you could further explain this comment from yours:

"but I don't think the perspective is good , talking about vertical angles in the lighting tornado and the architecture, use some lines to help you with this issue"

because i don't really get what you want to say. Thx.

Maybe it helps if i show you my perspective grid:

04 April 2006, 12:53 AM
I agree with this one. It seems almost like you have multiple perspecitve points. For some reason I just can't focus very well on any one point in the painting. It could be with how radically you have tilted the horizon line, I am not really sure.


04 April 2006, 10:13 AM
Corrected some lines, defined some shapes better, the archtitecture is still to be done, as are their shadows. Hope the perspective is a bit more clear know. But there's still something that bothers me about, i just can't tell what...
I don't have time to work on the image for the next days, but it may be good to have a break here.

04 April 2006, 02:33 PM
After examining this for a while the high wall on the right side of the painting is off, and not using correct perspective, you have corrected the left side of the painting in this iteration, but the right side still needs a bit of work proportion and perspectively. Good work though, keep it up.


04 April 2006, 09:48 PM
hey JIII, thanks a lot, you already helped me a lot.
when i came back to the painting this morning i pretty much hated it. I decided to go back a few steps and start sketching and painting over a lot of things, I changed the color scheme a bit and tried to correct the perspective and scale errors that were existing all over the place, but there are still a lot of things to do. Still i have to do the architecture, but i'll build that pretty much in the end. The trees on the right don't seem to have the right scale, so i will probably erase those and lots of other things will also be done. I just hope that i am on the right way now. Honestly i didn't have a painting recently that was such a pain in the.... But i don't give up so easily.

04 April 2006, 02:48 AM
Don't be hard on yourself, it's a very difficult painting, using extreme contrast from light to dark, and with a tilted perspective, not many painters ever experiment with that, it's just not what people are trained to do.

The new version looks 100x better, it's got alot more detail work, but the scale and perspective just "works" now.

Great work, keep it up.


04 April 2006, 09:38 PM
A really good progress!
I agree the last step is really better...we don't feel dubitative now!
I don't have time now to push my comment, but I'll look more precisely the precedent step and try to define the wrong points. For me first, cause you have decided to change the elements ( i am this kind of guy a bit boring with perspective problems ! )
Keep update because it's growing very well...

04 April 2006, 09:42 PM
Nice progress!
I kinda like the first steps, renderingwise..
but the last step is more functionally..
SO i agree with other comments in this thread, but keep on!

04 April 2006, 11:46 PM
very nice progress derwolpertinger . I rather the first sketch you did with the front small village I think it helps the composition cause you have all the attention in the center now, the tower now looks good, but some small architecture below the big tower or temple seems to be weird in vertical perspective, I know you just show us the grid you are using , but you would have had total control if you paint all normally ( flat horizon ) an then do the camera angle , are you going to paint it all?? or add photos?

04 April 2006, 05:51 PM
Arnocob, thanks for the enouraging words!
And Dile, the rendering will be more like in the first images i posted, at the moment it was just important for me to get the basic layout ansd scale right.
jamesvfx, good tip to paint the buildings with a flat horizon and then adjust it later, never really thought about this option actually. I know there are a lot of errors in the village, it was just sketched very quickly because it was not important for me right now. I think i am going to build the whole village in 3d, then paint over it in Photoshop. There will also be some smaller buildings that are more in the foreground to lead the viewers eye. For the landscape i am going to use photo elements, i've already chosen some photos i made myself but i still have to look for more. Unfortunately i don't have the time to work on this at the moment, i hope i do have some time soon. Thanks again for the nice comments!

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