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04 April 2006, 08:35 PM
Hi everybody, here I am again after a long time away from foruns due to too much work and studies...

Well, in 2003 I started to model a character in XSI, just for studying it. Later, I wanted to do more than modeling, and I converted the character for using on 3dsmax (which is the software I'm more used to) and started testig UVW Unrapping, 3D painiting... and paused the work until the last July, when I decided to animate this character interacting with other characters and maybe do a little short film. I animated, rendered, and started editing when I paused it again to study on a preparatory school to try passing on some top-notch college in Sao Paulo. This weekend, after exams, approvals, starting classes and so on, I finaly finished it and decided to show you guys.

This is a work for studying purposes, the objectives were:

- to animate at 30fps - I work at Pixcodelics' production which is made at 12fps and I wanted to do animations at a better framerate
- to learn UVW Unrap and other questions on texturing a character
- to study alternative shaders. The goal of the project was not to look realistic. I didn't want it for a lot of reasons and conceptual oppinions reggarding aesthetics and artistic concepts which I would feel glad to comment if needed.
- to make a non-realistic but yet humanoid cartoonized but not cartoon character. That's why I wanted alternative shaders. I wanted some kind of vynil likeness... or anything like that.

In my personal oppinion, the objectives were all achieved. Anyway, I didin't like the video as a whole, I gues it happened because I learnt a lot of things since I began working on this character, so for me it always feels like "I could do it better", but I just wanted to finish it and to start another thing.

After all this introduction, the link to the video:

Early sketches:

If the link doesn't work, please let me know and I can post another. And, some day I'll post some screenshots and maybe larger images of it, and even images at other stages of its production.

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04 April 2006, 08:35 PM
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