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04 April 2006, 03:57 PM
hi have sculpted a creature in zbrush and brought it back into maya. I then rigged it and gave it a new pose. but lets say you bring in a reposed mesh to zbrush and then you sculpt that one, how do you take that new mesh back into maya whit your already rigged characther? I guess you make a new displacement map from the reposed mesh? But when i do that it crushes, almost like you try to make a displacement map on a mesh without any UVs (then it crashes). Do i have to store a morph target when i import the reposed mesh into zbrush, or do you export out the new reposed mesh from zbrush and takt -that- new into maya? But then back in maya you will have to import it, and the already rigged creature is useless? Please, i would appreciate any help in this :)


04 April 2006, 05:14 PM
Hello krolichka -

I am a bit confused about exactly what you want to do but it seems you are asking for a way to do things like corrective blendshapes. For example, I have a rigged character. I painted the weights on the skinning as best I can. Now, when I make him bend his elbow the area around his elbow collapses in. This is the standard result. I would then have to go in with sculpt deformers, influence objects or other such things to keep that area from collapsing OR I could create a corrective blendshape.

I would pose the model so that its elbow area is collapsed in, then I take that to ZBrush and sculpt the correct shape. I make the bicep flex slightly, make the area keep its volumn and maybe sculpt the bones of the elbow more clearly now. I then want to take this sculpt and use it to correct the shape of the elbow area when the model bends it like this, right? Is this what you want?

If so, in a blendshape node, you have to subtract the deformed original mesh from the corrected sculpt that you did in ZBrush. This will leave you with only the vertices that you moved to correct the shape. Did I lose ya? :)

So the workflow in Maya is as follows:
Import your posed corrected sculpted shape
Import your posed uncorrected shape
Duplicate your models base shape, call it correctiveBlend.

Unlock its transforms so you can move it off to the side.

select your posed corrected, then uncorrected, then base shape
create a blendshape node. It should be an input in your duplicated base shape.
in the blendshape node, set your corrected posed shape to 1
set your uncorrected posed shape to -1
Now, select the correctiveBlend, then your rigged model.
Create a blendshape that is set to, I believe, Parallel (its been a while:))
You can then set up the rig to drive this shape based on rotation. If you do this, however, you will have to also make sure you are using some sort of pose space calculations in the rig but that is beyond the scope of this little post. :)

04 April 2006, 05:36 PM
hey ryan!

sorry if i wasnt clear in what i wanted. well, i have solved my question now. what i wanted to do was, i have a model rigged in maya that i have sculpted in zbrush and made a displacement map, then i repose him in maya and export that as an obj, i then in zbrush (where i have my sculpted model in his original pose) import the new obj reposed mesh. now its updating, and i can then press "D" in zbrush to see all my high details that i did in my original pose update on my reposed one..thats neat! then i sculpt in areas that i had problem sculpting in the original T-Pose and when i have added some detail i simply make a new displacement map and back in maya i add that new one instead!

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04 April 2006, 05:36 PM
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