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12 December 2002, 09:19 AM
is there any way in fr to simulate different kind of lights like incandecent lights or flourecent lights. i know max5 has that but is there anyway in max4.2 to simulate the same effect using cylinderical fr lights or for that matter ne other lights. i want to simulate a flourecent light such that its light falls off at a very slow pace. flourecent tubes have a very cool effect to them without ne hard light. i hope everyone understands what i'm trying to say.
the image i have attached is of my room that i want to light. as u can see the wall just above and below the light has very strong lighting and the wall on the far side is recieving hard shadows. also even though there is very strong light, the room is not illuminated that well. my actual room does not have strong lighting above or below the walls of the tube. secondly the light falls off so softly that the wall on the far side is not effected too much by the shadow. thirdly the 14x14 room is quite well lit by the single light.
plz help me out. thanks in advance.


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