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04 April 2006, 03:07 AM

I'm haven't been able to get ride of a transform node that is connected to skeleton that I imported from another project. Maybe It's connected to a layer or something? Break All connections doesn't help. I can't unparent it, ungroup it, delete it in the Hypergraph, or drag it out of the heirarchy manually. Seems simple but It's not happening.

It's an FBX rig for MotionBuilder and the transform node seems to be causing problems in my rendering engine, Electricimage. I need the rig without the scaling. Take a look..thanks. I changed the names here.. which was Pupil:Hips.

04 April 2006, 06:00 PM
I went nuts with this issue a while back. I've been trying to work up a simple example for you, but basically one of your children/nodes has a scale baked into the matrix. If you parent that node to the world you will see what the valuse are when you look at the transform node that is inserted. You have to unlock your scales and unfreeze/fix the matrix on those nodes......hopefully that makes sense.

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04 April 2006, 06:00 PM
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