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03 March 2006, 11:42 AM
First of all, I'd like to thank the CGTalk staff for creating this section of the forum!
And since it's new I want to inaugurate it with picture I'm working on during these days. I hope to read some hints from the great artists that visit these boards.

This is the concept sketch

And this is the last version of the final picture. Of course the river and the foreground are yet to be made. If you have critics, they are welcome.

03 March 2006, 12:49 PM
looks sweet. i really like the atmosphere. cant wait to see the update

03 March 2006, 01:07 PM
Looking good so far. Keep it up.

03 March 2006, 09:39 PM
Very cool, did you consider leaving the water blank so it could be animated :-)? I like the colors and detailed foliage.


03 March 2006, 09:44 PM
great concept and colors, the sketch is great and the final matte painting Im sure will look better beware of the different fooliage color, and type, also the rock has to match each other

03 March 2006, 10:00 PM
This isn't my thread james, but what exactly do you mean by "different colors of foliage?", should he vary them, or should they be the same?


03 March 2006, 10:31 PM
Hi jiii , I meand different fooliage, or different kind of fooliage, take a look at your upper left corner, you'll see some forest pines, and below them close the river I see a palm and a more tropical kind of fooliage than the big rocks or mountainshope I made myself clear this time hehe

04 April 2006, 10:13 AM
Thanks for the replies!
Well, the trees' species are completely wrong, you are right. I had to fix them at the beginning but I forgot. :D
Of course it's a jungle, so all the pines will be removed.

This is a new version of the painting... not so many changes, but the colors of the river are different. In the previous version the eye was guided out of the picture.

04 April 2006, 09:42 AM
Another update :D

04 April 2006, 09:59 AM
thats an awesome progress
I think this one will be great when its finished
very bold and fresh!

04 April 2006, 02:11 PM
yep ! this is looking really good, i love the light and the camera position !

maybe a problem with the trees on the left ! cause it make two focal points :
- the trees
- the river
maybe without this tree our eyes can cross your image easily !

04 April 2006, 02:25 PM
May I ask why you've slanted the picture so much?

04 April 2006, 01:13 AM

Can't wait to see it finished
good luck :)

04 April 2006, 01:04 PM
Another update. Now I'm painting on the psd flipped horizontally to fix errors.
I've removed the rocks on the foreground and painted the complete landscape, adding details to the trees of the forest. I think the left side is good, I'll procede giving the same realistic look to the mountain and to the sky.

Hope you like the progress and thanks for the critics (the picture is so slanted because I like it to have a more dynamic look and I think it works good, doesn't it? :D).

Here it is.

04 April 2006, 01:56 PM
i think that the rocks on the left were very interesting , they were very useful to enter in your image elassar ! it was just the big trees that disturb my attention ! so i really like this composition !

Now we can cross your image easily ! but our eyes are catch on the background of your matte ! and i think that something is missing on the back to fix the eyes ! Maybe a castle or something that will be your final focal point, as an exemple i put a kind of dragon !

but this matte is gonna be 5 stars !

04 April 2006, 02:06 PM
i would make the cliff more visible where the water falls, add some more darkness on the lower area, or ? :scream:

good job overall! :thumbsup:

04 April 2006, 08:42 AM
I've found your critics very useful and I thought to edit the picture in this way. Of course the bottom is roughly sketched, just to give me an idea of the final look.

As always, share your thoughts ;)

04 April 2006, 08:48 AM
That looks very nice.

Kinda like a LOTF place.

EDIT: and i should bring back the nice yellow light (from behind the rocks/moutains) like you have on the sketch. it makes it a bit more happier. or pleasant to look at. if you know what i mean.

04 April 2006, 05:22 PM
You're not the first to suggest me to bring back the yellow light. I tried but it works on the sketch, not in this one... however I'll try again later.

This is the update, I'm looking for an interesting shading of the river and I think to be on the right way. Let me know what you think :D

04 April 2006, 07:21 PM
this is coming along really well ,I'm not sure if the river's higlights would be in that way, take a look at your brigther spot in the sky , the highlights shoul be reflecting the light exactly above it in a vertical way,

I think the sky need more detail, it has a sketchy look , and the rocks are so photorealistic ( talking about high detail )

04 April 2006, 08:03 PM
man, you are one talented artist. you'll probably get a cg choice award soon.

04 April 2006, 12:30 PM
Hi Elessar.

Great! That's beautiful I love it.:thumbsup:
The only thing which I must criticize is the water in the backround, I can't see the border between landscape and river. It seems to me as the landscape would be swamped. Well, maby this was your intention? Even though this matte succeeded to you very well.


04 April 2006, 08:07 PM
The look of the water still bothers me, be patient please :)
Today I've fixed a bit the sky... there's something that's not perfect but I'm quite happy with it

04 April 2006, 10:10 PM
It does look dynamic.

It's just the way that you already have the mountain peaking towards the right that kind of makes me 'feel' like it's 'falling' over. Do you see what I mean? If you imagine the picture with the horizon level - the mountain already leans towards the right.

Also, the way you have that second peak behind the first makes it look even more-so as I'm describing it (falling over) - it gives the illusion of a ghost image of where the mountain that is now falling - once was.

This is just an observation. It looks cool.

04 April 2006, 12:08 AM
I thought your observation could be right and I tried to warp the picture a little bit. I've edited the picture above, so you can see the result and compare it to the other WIPS.
I'll keep this version, I like it a lot more.
Thanks for the suggestion. ;)

04 April 2006, 07:27 AM
That's a stunner! Excellent work Elessar. :thumbsup:

04 April 2006, 03:45 PM
I really thank you for helping me completing this piece!

You'll find the final version here:

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04 April 2006, 03:45 PM
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