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03 March 2006, 06:04 PM
Hi, painter question here

I would really like to know something about painter and the Intuos graphics tablet

Apparently Palette Knife dabs are always parallel to the shaft of the stylus, so does a Intuos 3 with the grip pen (the one that comes with it) able to use bearing, which I believe is the way painter and the pen controls the rotation of a brush

Because the wacom site does not say anything about bearing, it just says that the pen does tilt and pressure.

So does that mean that I can't make use of the palette knife properly even with the Intuos 3 and the grip pen?

And if the Intuos 3 with grip pen does control the rotation of the palette knifes, that still sounds awkward, so would I have to hold the pen at really weird angle to change the rotation of the stroke?

I am, in all honesty really confused, I ask because I am thinking about getting a Intuos 3, but was rather surprised when they did not mention anything about bearing or rotation on their website about the default grip pen, and I am not sure about that 6d art marker pen, the wedge tip is something I don't want and it also quite a expensive addition, considering the bundled grip pen costs more and should make use of bearings

I would like to rotate the palette knife, basically, and in my research I have so far found that the Intuos can not control the rotation of the palette knife, (thatís with the bundled grip pen)

Summary of my ramblings:

> If I purchase an Intuos 3, can I rotate the palette knife, without a special 6d pen? And considering the cost of the tablet, it should work with bearings right?

I am so confused

Please help

Joe Goss

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03 March 2006, 06:04 PM
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