View Full Version : how to import the camera tracectory into after FX?

12-25-2002, 05:53 PM
this is what am doing

1. i have a rendered animation, made in max, imported as TGA sequence in AE (nothing fancy)

2. i want to use this camera trajectory in After effects in a 3D layer (my problem) So the max camera should be identical as the AE camera!)

3. finaly i add a realtime rendered Psunami sea in AE on a solid layer, i place it once correctly over my TGA sequence and am done. I don't have to move it anymore because both camermovemts (tga sequence and 3D after effects camera) are identical. It's like matchmoving but without the need of tracking anything ;-)

is this possible?

01-02-2003, 02:47 PM
the production bundle of after effects allows you to import camera data from maya and after effects, so if you've got that version you're in good shape. otherwise i think it'll be challenging...


01-06-2003, 11:53 AM
Hello, PIXAR,

I looked up the problem in the manual of After Effects. It says, that

"To create an RLA or RPF file with the camera data in 3D Studio Max, save your
rendering in rpf format with coverage, z depth, and alpha channels enabled."

It's not actually the camera trajectory, but I hope I could help a little bit!



01-06-2003, 12:49 PM
well, in my case is doens't work. I wanted to use the "tsunami" (plugin) camera as main camera, but i can't paste my keys on it, with rpf it doesn't work either, was the first thing i tried

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