View Full Version : Meaningful titles and descriptions for threads - a friendly reminder!

12 December 2002, 10:29 AM
Meaningful titles and descriptions for threads:

In an effort to streamline browsing and make future searches for threads vastly easier, please try to name your thread titles to reflect your discussion.

Titles such as "New Character", "Please critique PLEASE!", "Photorealism" are not meaningful.

Include the type post it is in the title. For example:

"Still life: my desk: please critique"
"Character: Major Kusanagi Ghost in the Shell"
"Animation: Alien Song"
"Question: Maya Dynamics: Rigid Bodies"
"News: New Maya Polygon Plugin:

This helps people filter through and only view what they want to.

This also helps searches for similar and repeated answers to questions [ie: "Tank Treads: How do I animate them?"].

When posting your initial thread and image, please include a detailed description of your problem, image, animation link, e.g. what you're doing it for, in abstract cases - what is it?, software, hardware and most importantly, any particular critique are you seeking? Any image/animation link that gets posted is up for critique.

Image flooding -- NEW
Do NOT post large amounts of artwork at the same time. These forums are setup for you to obtain critique, not to showcase your portfolio.

Please feel free to lend your comments. We're not asking people to post less, we're simply trying to get everyone to do things in a manner that is beneficial to all other members.


12 December 2002, 10:10 AM