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03 March 2006, 11:12 AM

Script for quick managing clips.

You must have chararacter in your scene. Just select object, that is in character and run - clipsChooser(); Now you have window “clips” with list of all clips that is in character. If selected object does not in character, script get first character in scene.

1. Default – this is default animation of objects in character.

2. How to create clip – choose default, create your animation, double click on default, type name of new clip. If there is no keys in default animation – clip will not be created.

3. When you click on clip in list, it “enable” and “activate keys” and all other clips disable. If there is animation in “default” animation you got window where you must enter name for new clip, after this script choose what you want. When choose clip range slider and time slider fitting to keys in clip (not range of clip).

4. When you choose “default” all clips disable and default animation activate. Range and time sliders don’t fit.

5. Double click on clip renames it.

6. Middle click move selected clip up in list. Queue of clips in list saves in attributes of character.

7. “Delete” key delete clip from scene and from list. If selected clip is “default”, script only delete keys in default animation.

You may be have something to say. I want to improve this script with help of real animators, who need in this script!

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03 March 2006, 11:12 AM
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