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03 March 2006, 08:54 AM
i shot my video clip of my hand , when i get angry action, my hande will be closeuped. then
the nurves slowly rising upward . how to do that?

when the actor gets angry , his nurves slowely rising up. on his hand

1. my hand anim (mpg) format
2. I drawn a nurves in Illustrator

my openion : ( is it right or not?)
1. first i imported my hand anim into a comp.
2. made a new comp to nurves anim
3. Used mask for nurves movement

03 March 2006, 02:55 PM
This look interesting. maybe try this

1. first u imported your hand mpe
2. just check the clip for the right field and frame rate (interpret footage)
3. motion track first if the hand is moving (try to find a good contrast spot to track)
4. colour correct your mpeg, most mpegs brightness & contrast are bad.
5. render only the first frame of your hand, then use illustrator to trace out the shape of
those veins (import the image to AI)
6. select & copy those lines work from illustrator, then back to AE and paste on your hand mpeg on the first frame, should fit. ( Duplicate your hand mpeg layer first)
7. Then you will get the same correct skin tone vein in your new dupliacte for hand mpeg

In your timeline: 1.Masked vein Layer > 2.hand mpeg layer

8. Attach the Masked vein Layer to the tracker attach point of your hand mpeg layer.
9. Move the achor point of Masked vein Layer if the aligment is out of the hand.
10. check the clip to make sure the Masked vein Layer is stick to the hand mpeg layer.

90% done

11. try to play with the mask expansion and feather to make it growing.
12. or another mask or matte could also do the trick.
13. apply a bit of embross on the Masked vein Layer (plugins eye candy or bevel alpha)
14. play with the blending mode might give u a more realistic feel

Try not to apply any motion blur on any layer first

I hope u understand wha I m try to say. good luck!:)

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03 March 2006, 02:55 PM
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