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03 March 2006, 11:31 PM
The gist is I want to render layers but one frame at a time for all layers and then move to the next frame (old style).
Its best for restarting sequences from crashes or reboots.
Using maya 7 Render.exe
I tried -rl no it just fails = bug.
I tried -rp no it runs but is meaningless it does all the frames for each pass separately before moving on to the next pass.
I did try various other flag values, which shouldn't matter.

From what I can tell you can say render a certain layer by name or all, or give it a Boolean saying yes or no.
I imagine it would just skip doing passes but I want it to render frame by frame all passes.

I am currently doing some tests for a project with moving fluid fire.
Rendering with layers is critical, I have found that using the cache does not work right (another topic).
Anyway the no cache issues with multiple dynamic fluid fire voxel spaces plays into the issues of passes/layers.
I also wonder is each pass going to recalculate all fluid dynamics each time, so therefore one frame at a time makes more sense. Is that right or does it not waste time?

Clearly starting again down the sequence will require total voxel dynamics recalculation for all frames with caching broken and poorly done. (Again another topic later maybe).

Mainly I wondered if there is a way (plugin different renderer whatever) to get Maya 7 to render frame by frame all passes?

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03 March 2006, 11:31 PM
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