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12 December 2001, 06:57 PM
Hello people!

Could someone give me some critique on this piece of work. I'm 17 years old, aiming for a job withing the movie industry.

I am curently working on my website, where I will try to present much of my work, including an animated short film by the name of Joiner's Forest, which is in production.


12 December 2001, 06:48 AM
Something doesn't look quite good with the shadow... It cut off the boat of the pic... and I don't think a metal destroyed by the desert look this color... I know there is a location where they are ship like that, just off the water in a desert, but I couldn't remember the name :(

12 December 2001, 08:58 PM
i think u could put dust or a little fog in the horizon (when the sky
meets the sand)

and more debris around the ship.
is that all photo collage ?

theres a scene
with ship in a desert in the movie " The Cell " with Jeniffer Lopez

12 December 2001, 03:58 PM
Hey guys!

I've been working on the light in this scene (the critical areas)
new version is now online.

4 photo elements where used in this image.

1. the little hill
2. the boat
3. oil wells
4. the man

I created 3/4 of the ground and made the sky from skratch. All the elements where blocked out and aligned/masked in order to match the perspective. Finally I added light,shadows,color correction and noise. I was going for a surreal-photorealistic style.
YET another update!


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