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12 December 2002, 04:25 AM
A first post into this community for me. This was modelled in Max4.2

Rendered in Brazil r/s and Final Render(even though I hate it) and composited in Photoshop 7.

It came out better then I hoped, comments are welcome and needed.

Thanks in advance and thanks for checking it out.


12 December 2002, 04:40 AM
Awesome. I love the Bugatti. Great car. Would love to see it rendered wiht a little more ummpph!, if you know what I mean. It's such a nice model, it could really show off with some high reflections, etc.


12 December 2002, 05:08 AM
rendered in brazil AND final render? interesting technique. looks like the model turned out pretty well....looks even better then the viewpoint one:

maybe just work on the anti-aliasing around the little vents :)

12 December 2002, 05:19 AM
Yup vehicle was rendered in Brazil, and the GI Solution came from fR, and the car was invisible to the camera, but still caused reflections, then simply layered the 2 in PS, and viola!

About the vents, I gave the entire car a dirty treatment using some Dirt maps I made and it showed more on the vents then the rest of the car. Plus I kinda got a bad compression when I exported it out of PS and didn't have the tiem to fix it.

Mahlon, I am working on a super shiny finish and will post it in this thread when I complete it, also will chroms the pipes on it too.


12 December 2002, 12:17 PM
The car model looks great.

Something I notice.

1.-the car material looks too brightless. Itīs like matte plastic.

2.-some parts of the car are too black. It doesnīt let the details like the seat be seen...

3.-maybe some more detail over the mesh would be great. Some like grills in the radiator......

good job.

12 December 2002, 12:41 PM
The car is good but the composition is wrong IMHO. Why 3/4 of the image are white?? :surprised

12 December 2002, 01:25 PM
Nice model, but you could have saved yourself a lot of modeling time by purchasing it from modeling guru de espona... he has one that looks just like yours... :rolleyes:

You even chose the same color as he did!

How did you model it? Meshsmooth, poly by poly, booleans, download?


12 December 2002, 05:21 PM
busted :D

12 December 2002, 05:36 PM
at least he changed the 2 to a 1. lol

12 December 2002, 05:49 PM
It can't honestly be the same model can it? :surprised

12 December 2002, 06:15 PM
Well, I am not saying that it is the same model, but if you count the # of bolts on the side of the hood (24), and compare the two images, its the same, and there is one part where the spacing is smaller between two bolts and it is also exactly the same, But it could be a coincidence, that the model is the same, even down to the nuts and bolts. :rolleyes:

12 December 2002, 12:19 AM
1 I was going for a old used look.
2 I didn't think about the seat too much, just put a black shine mat on it and aimed for leather but didn't happen at all.
3 On the bugs they would put the racing # on a sheet over the grill, so why model the grill.

3rd Eye-
I saw and tried to mimic his white room(from the VWBeetle mesh video), but it didn't work right.

I used spline modeling and poly modelling.
The color of the car is the color that all the car pictures you see of it are colored. Everyone is familiar with blue not red on this car. Found a cartoon picture of one and used the color eye dropper in PS to get the numbers for it.

It has the same # of bolts because I tried to copy the actual number or parts off pictures. There are many things that are different between the models. I chose that view because I didn't do the exhaust pipes, the metal latches on the belts, the spare tire is only a tire no rim, and there is no back fender or back tire.
Polycount is 79797

12 December 2002, 01:28 AM
It's a real nice model! Well done! Just wish I was as good :annoyed:

12 December 2002, 05:29 AM
Cool! Can we see the spline cage?


12 December 2002, 07:15 AM
I really have always like this car,, I have had a 1/18 scale model since like 1987, It still with me today, and sits next to my computer with all of its friends.

But mine has front and rear fenders, very aero styles too. Mine also has headlights,, it says its a type <<59>> 1934

and the license plates has the same number on them LPG 211

some other missing parts are in front of the radiator, notice them missing on both cars,, But It looks like they structural supports for the missing fenders.

But wow really excellent modeling,, something looks out of scale, but not sure if it looks shorter or that the tires are too small.

Make me want to take the fenders off.. kinda like racing the look it gives off without them.

keep up the great work,, can we see more of it.

12 December 2002, 10:09 AM
Originally posted by kandyman
Nice model, but you could have saved yourself a lot of modeling time by purchasing it from modeling guru de espona... he has one that looks just like yours... :rolleyes:

You even chose the same color as he did!

How did you model it? Meshsmooth, poly by poly, booleans, download?


I am with Kandyman here. Let's see a wireframe. That is identical to De'espona's model. Even the shadows. If that is your's you have created the Worlds most perfect copy. It's identical in every way. As Kandyman asked how you modeled it,I say you Downloaded it. What a shame on you. If not,it's a perfect replica of De'espona's work. Oh well just my thoughts.
:hmm: :annoyed:

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