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03 March 2006, 03:56 PM
I have open several times Vue Infinite but did not be very convinced by the interface.
I use it only to model some mountains to export to LW.

I was very impressed as everyone by the demoreel of EOn for the release of VUE 5 infinite but didn't find good render or animation here or on other forum since. Except for a very few.

And know i surf around the web and find today that:

Well this guy seems to know how to use Vue 5 very well. I would like to know how he works.
Now again i'm impress with this soft.


Well i've just discovered that he is the demo maker of Vue 5 infinite demoreel ... :)
So it explain the quality of his work. Damned, i have to learn this soft.

03 March 2006, 06:33 AM
Well, at Cornucopia3D you will find some tutorials he did - maybe that helps you in your efforts.

03 March 2006, 02:45 PM
There are some training DVDs available at

They are well worth the money and now are available for download so you don't have to wait/pay for shipping. Anyway, the Getting Started DVD will really help new users and they have 3 advanced training DVDs that I also highly recommend.

Have fun, and if you have a questions, don't be afraid to ask! We have all been new users at one time!


03 March 2006, 07:17 PM
Man!, I forgot how awesome his videos were! :)
Glad you posted that link up, it reinvigorated me watching those!

And also reminded me of several cool things that you can do in Vue.
Plus reminded me of what convinced me to purchase Vue in the first place LOL

I liked the tribute to Guitta animation too.
Too bad I never had the oppotunity to get to know her, but at least we all get to still see her
works around, though I can't seem to figure out where the site went that had all her work on it?
If someone has the new link, please post it up, if you can? Thanx :)

Anyway, thanx for posting that link up, I'm bookmarking that puppy so I can show it to my friends.
Especially my animation partner, who just got the LW/Vue bundle and is in the newbie stage right now,
as I think these animations would spur him on to hurry up and get caught up with me, eh, heh :)

BTW, yes, those tutorial CDs/DVDs are pretty good.
I got the one for moving back and forth from LW to Vue and it was pretty good,
though I found out that a lot of it I already knew, but other things, strangely enough,
I didn't know that had nothing to do with Vue, but LW! LOL

I was dissapointed though with the main thing I wanted to know about, and that
was the UV mapping issue, as he pulled the same stunt EVERYONE always pulls,
and did a stupid box for his UV mapping example. A BOX! ! !
Come on, PLEASE tutorial creators, we ALLL already know how to do a box!
Show us how to do more comples UV mapping conversions into Vue, like a four legged
animal or even just a hand! I'd of been happy to see the typical lame Head example LOL
But more then that, when he DID do the part about mapping the box, he left out the most
important part that we all needed top know, and that was, WHICH TYPE OF MAPPING DID HE USE!?
He skipped THAT part!
Arrggg! ! !
It's that mapping issue that is most important, so we know just how to map
our LW objects so that we can make them wrok that same way he did in the tutorial.

And he kept pronoucing Vue as, Vooooo, instead of VU!
It drove me crazy! LOL

Other then my little complaints and minnor bitchings about his pronunciations (LOL)
the overall quality and informative parts of the tutorials were very well done and I'd
recommend it to people who want to start learning how to work with both Vue and Lw.
So, I would guess that the other more newbie, begginner tutorial CDs would all probably be a good choice.
I asked around about these some time back, but not one soul had anything to say about them,
other then to say they were good, but that came off like they personally hadn't
used them, since they never would elaborate, like I just did.

Anyway, there ya go, that's my thoughts on the trainning materials that were mentioned.
I am working on my own trainning DVDs and have already made several test
videos and sent them to my riend for inspection and critiques.
They were my first experiments with video tutorials and I need to improve on a few things,
but I think they will help people go from not knowing squat to actually being able to create
from the beginning to end a complete scene and I explain everything along the
way and what things do or are used for and why?

Hopefully, I can put out my first CD or DVD
(depending on length) sometime within the next month or so.
I'll just have to see what all is involved with selling tutorials,
as I've always just given away everything for the past 11 years now.
Time to get a few bucks for all my efforts ;)
Though I'll always still donate freebies, just because I like to help people out. :)


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03 March 2006, 07:17 PM
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