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03 March 2006, 07:38 PM
hay name is yuval and i need help...

could any body can tell me how to fix the errors?
btw this is an israeli words


parameters agudalP rollout:agudalR


agudal01 type:#float ui:(agudal01sp,agudal01Sl)

agudal02 type:#float ui:(agudal02sp,agudal02Sl)

agudal03 type:#float ui:(agudal03sp,agudal30Sl)

agudal04 type:#float ui:(agudal04sp,agudal40Sl)


parameters atsbaP rollout:atsbaR


atsba01 type:#float ui:(atsba01sp,atsba01Sl)

atsba02 type:#float ui:(atsba02sp,atsba02Sl)

atsbaSplay type:float ui:(atsbaSplaysp,atsbaSplaysl)


parameters amaP rollout:amaR


ama01 type:#float ui:(ama01sp,ama01sl)

ama02 type:#float ui:(ama02sp,ama02sl)

amaSplay type:#float ui:(amaSplaysp,amaSplaysl)


parameters zertP rollout:zeretR


zert01 type:#float ui:(zert01sp,zert01sl)

zert02 type:#float ui:(zert02sp,zert02sl)

zertSplay type#:float ui:(zertSplaysp,zertSplaysl)


rollout agudalR "agudal"


local fw=40 oS=[0,-23]

spinner agudal01sp "" range:[-90,100,0] fieldwidth:FW

slider agudal01Sl "agudal 01:" range:agudal01sp.rage offset:oS

spinner agudal02sp "" range:[-90,100,0] fieldwidth:FW

slider agudal02Sl "agudal 02:" range:agudal02sp.rage offset:oS

spinner agudal03sp "" range:[-90,100,0] fieldwidth:FW

slider agudal03Sl " agudal 03:" range:agudal03sp.rage offset:oS

spinner agudal04sp "" range:[-90,100,0] fieldwidth:FW

slider agudal04Sl " agudal 04:" range:agudal04sp.rage offset:oS


rollout atsbaR "atsba"


local fw=40 oS=[0,-23]

spinner atsba01sp "" range:[-90,100,0] fieldwidth:FW

slider atsba01Sl "atsba 01:" range:atsba01sp.rage offset:oS

spinner atsba02sp "" range:[-90,100,0] fieldwidth:FW

slider atsba02Sl "atsba 02:" range:atsba02sp.rage offset:oS

spinner amaSplaysp "" range:[-90,100,0] fieldwidth:FW

slider atsbaSplaysl "Splay:" range:atsbaSplaysp.rage offset:oS


rollout amaR "ama"


local fw=40 oS=[0,-23]

spinner ama01sp "" range:[-90,100,0] fieldwidth:FW

slider ama01Sl "ama 01:" range:ama01sp.rage offset:oS

spinner ama02sp "" range:[-90,100,0] fieldwidth:FW

slider ama02Sl "ama 02:" range:ama02sp.rage offset:oS

spinner amaSplaysp "" range:[-90,100,0] fieldwidth:FW

slider amaSplaysl " Splay:" range:amaSplaysp.rage offset:oS

rollout zertR "zert"


local fw=40 oS=[0,-23]

spinner zert01sp "" range:[-90,100,0] fieldwidth:FW

slider zert01Sl "zert 01:" range:zert01sp.rage offset:oS

spinner zert02sp "" range:[-90,100,0] fieldwidth:FW

slider zert02Sl "zert 02:" range:zert02sp.rage offset:oS

spinner zertSplaysp "" range:[-90,100,0] fieldwidth:FW

slider zertSplaysl " Splay:" range:zertSplaysp.rage offset:oS



03 March 2006, 08:28 PM
So that I don't have to run your code can you tell me what the errors are?

03 March 2006, 08:38 PM
You forgot to place a comma in the variable declarations in your rollouts:
local fw=40 oS=[0,-23]
should be:
local fw=40, oS=[0,-23]

I haven't tried executing your code, but this might be the error you're getting?


03 March 2006, 02:49 PM
-- -- Syntax error: at name, expected attributes clause:

In line: custAttributes.

this is the error i get

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