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03 March 2006, 11:39 AM
Hello guys,

There's definitely something not right...

I have an Indirect Rigid Bound Skin:

BodyGeo --> deformed by --> Lattice --> Rigid Bind (Complete Skeleton, Closest Point) --> RootJoint

and a direct Rigid Bind Skin:

ArmGeo --> Rigid Bind (Complete Skeleton, Closest Point) --> RootJoint.

I used sets and partitions to avoid components to be influenced by more than one joint.

I weighted the cv's to get the right general deformations,

Problems came up after I tried adding a joint Cluster:

I want to add a jointCluster Flexor to the elbow joint, so I did with the joints option set to "At Selected Joints". After creating the flexor, I noticed that there were additional clusters added to the OUTPUTS of the elbow joint.

When I tried to test the jointCluster flexor, it seems as if some of the weights I have assigned to my lattice deformer have been replaced (and ruined) by the elbow jointCluster flexor. I'm confused as to why maya involves other clusters that are NOT relevant to the specific joint that I have selected. If there are any joints to be taken into account it should be the contiguous ones - shoulder or forearm... Instead, I'm getting weight changes on the torso, the chest, particularly that of the lattice deformer.

Has this got to do with the deformer order? Because as I bend the elbow, a certain portion (around the elbow joint) goes crazy seems to stay on the bind pose when I interactively change the Bounds and Weights of Influence. I have tried tinkering with the inputs and deformation ordering of the affected geometry to no avail. And If it does, how does it come up with those "irrelevant" clusters?

I have been able to "work around" the problem by reassigning weights, but there's definitely, got to be, and so there must be a better way to fix this or to assign a jointCluster flexor.

I'm using Maya 6.5.

Thanks a lot.

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03 March 2006, 11:39 AM
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