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TrueArt Support
03 March 2006, 01:35 AM

Today we would like you to present video with ultra fast EasySpline v0.7 alpha which is used to fix model of car made in traditional spline modeling technique, which needs to be patched by hand by LightWave's Patch command, to work better in EasySpline real-time environment..

6.5 MB WinRAR file, must be decompressed to see it, loseless quality compression.. Approximately 100 seconds to download..

30 MB QuickTime with MPEG4 compression.. Approximately 500 seconds to download..

Car model has been made by Robert Wilson from ( and has 65 splines..

On the video you could see that EasySpline Polygon Handler and VirtualMirror v2.0 are started as soon as object is loaded to Modeler, and they remain in memory constantly parallel patching splines after each operation and mirroring model without delays..

When they're working, I'm deleting unnecessary loop of splines which looks bad (this step removes also patches, because of lack of one spline that was used by quad patch) and merging polygons (this bring them automatically back, patches are delimetered by four splines connected in start and end points). There's no necessary additional manual patching, EasySpline takes care about everything in background, without having you to do anything special to patch them..

If you're interested in pre-ordering and participating in beta-testing program please click and following ordering instruction (

For more informations about VirtualMirror v2.0 (this tool is in full version) please click here: (

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03 March 2006, 01:35 AM
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