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03 March 2002, 06:32 AM
Hi all,
I'm new to this forum, but I wanted to get my story out.
I entered the 3d luvr contest last night at 11:00 pm(deadline was at 12), and they wouldn't accept my image. The little boy in it was too much "extra information". The criteria was for creating an aquarium and the things surrounding an aquarium.
They wrote me back saying I could change it and resubmit, as long as I took the boy out. So I went and did just that, well tried at least. I went to rerender my scene in Max, it said it would take over an hour to rerender with all the reflections, etc... so I went to bed thinking it would have finished in the morning and I would send it in. When I woke up it had crashed, and I decided just to send a cropped version in. Upon recieving the image, they wouldn't accept it, and they said the contest closed at 12. I had less than half hour to try to fix 2 hours worth of rendering time. So of course I couldn't resubmit it. So here I am with an image it took me between 80 and 100 hours to make, and they won't accept it, for no good reason. They just said better luck next time. I think that is evil. Here is the URL for the other entries if you wanna take a look. I dunno, I just needed to vent that. If you have anything you'd like to say about that, please email me. I'm so angry, I'm not sure what I should do.

03 March 2002, 06:38 AM
That just really sux, I voted last night and if I had seen yours it would definitely be in my top two.

Even if they get you in now you would have missed all those votes.

Sad, but at least you have my respect for a great scene.


03 March 2002, 07:42 AM
sorry to hear that, but thats what happens when you do things at the last minute! :(

03 March 2002, 07:56 AM
i know im a procrastinator but still... :)

03 March 2002, 09:43 AM
I think that GOD thing is being a bit busy again actually cos to me the boy really helps make this image I don't really want to knock 3Dluvr cos they do provide a great facility.. but it is definately their loss. :)

03 March 2002, 10:00 AM
Hey you don't need them to validate you, it's a great image! Think of this way, you can now use the image for your portfolio or whatever...and you did an excellent job on it. I know it sucks not being able to enter it into the contest.


03 March 2002, 05:42 PM
Maybe I'm just asking a stupid question, but why didn't you just re-render the region where the boy is/was standing instead of re-rendering the entire image?
It might have saved you a few hours...

03 March 2002, 07:45 PM
Yeh man, don't worry too much. I like it, and if we all like it, then that's what matters. Forget the competition, there are better things to worry about like making a really good portfolio for that dream job

03 March 2002, 08:11 PM
If there is one thing we are told from the day we enter this world, its' "Dont wait till the last minute!". Some people just never learn, or too lazy, perhaps it's a combination of both.
Like the saying goes, there is one sucker born every minute.

03 March 2002, 04:05 AM
very nice image though, fella :)

03 March 2002, 05:34 AM
it is sad that it did not make it into the challenge. its definately a great picture! I like it.
(in brackets. only, it is a bit bright. maybe lower the brightness a bit and a tad more contrast. I know, its a bit a crude way =)

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