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03-10-2006, 01:58 AM
Here's a link to the new theatrical trailer for Cars

03-10-2006, 02:53 AM
Darn... :sad:

I'm not thrilled... the voice acting seemed kind of low-key; no energy or emotion...

I'll wait for the movie to come out before I judge, but I'm not as pumped for it as I was. Maybe it was the lame music in the background. :hmm:

03-10-2006, 02:17 PM
I think it looks great! Can't wait to see it.

03-10-2006, 03:59 PM
The visuals are amazing, I love those wideshots of the open desert. Let's just hope the story is up to par.

03-10-2006, 04:21 PM
does look nice,the environments look sweet.
I like how all the rock formations are based on car shapes :)

03-10-2006, 05:46 PM
I love that they got Paul Newman on this one!

But the story seems kinda washed out. We'll see.

03-10-2006, 05:58 PM
wow guys.. pay attention to the black P.newman car..
the car looks just like paul newman.. it's a kind of subliminal effect..

03-10-2006, 06:21 PM
Of all the trailers I've seen for "Cars", I'm finally excited about this movie. I've had low expectations of a lot of Pixar trailers (I hated Boo from "Monsters Inc" in the trailers for it, but I loved her by the end of the movie) but they haven't disappointed me yet. I am a car guy, but the previous trailers for this didn't grab me. This one did.

Unless John Lasseter goes George Lucas on us (not bloody likely), I expect this movie to be fantastic.

03-10-2006, 06:44 PM
Impressive! I absolutely love the lighting and detail in this trailer. I can truly understand why they say this is their most complex movie (technically-wise) to date.

Can't wait to see it!


03-10-2006, 06:53 PM
The lighting and environment atomosphere, the over all color, I have to say this looks terriffic visually. Hope it comes to the theaters before there is another oil shortage so it won't seem so ironic watching a personification of our oil dependent culture.

03-10-2006, 06:56 PM
Nice work Pixar guys. Looks stunning as usual.

03-10-2006, 07:46 PM
Looking really cool, I was somewhat skeptical at first, but this trailer really drew me in.

Oh, and hereís a direct link ( for the large version since they donít allow right clicking:

03-11-2006, 01:38 AM
Did anyone esle notice the background? watch the preview again and you can see that the rocks in the backgrounds are actually car front ends and theres tire tracks in the sky, crazy. i can't wait for it!

03-11-2006, 01:54 AM
Amazing stuff as usual , this was way better than the old trailers.

03-11-2006, 03:55 AM
Agreed, after seeing this trailer, im confident this will be a great movie.
Congratulation to everyone at Pixar. :thumbsup:

03-12-2006, 01:52 PM
Looks gorgeous! Congrats to everybody out there working on this.

03-12-2006, 02:24 PM
this looks like a guilty pleasure.

03-12-2006, 08:19 PM
After watching it three times:

Ok, so maybe I do anticipate this movie with joy :D

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