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12 December 2002, 10:29 PM
i'v ask this question befor but no answer found yet.
i'll explain my question using a example:
of course you have seen the site "2Advanced" ,
it based on html and a flash inside of it...
at first i wana know that is it a single flash or seperated ones.
second , at the intro you'll see the LOADING then the intro
and menu setups, then after clicking a button something
will happen:
under the menu part a new LOADING will apear and after few
secs a new animation plus new texts will come.
but the menus will stay and with no changes....

(1) if it is a singel flash, how will it be like that...?
(2) if not how some separeted flashes can command
each other?

for the (1) , i know the rules but some BUGs will be in it too.
and if its (2) , Explaine more for me please...

thanx alot for your cares,

12 December 2002, 12:26 PM
its several swf put into one.

its a system of loadmovie into dropzone.

the navigation bar allows to unload and load movie in dropzone
and sometimes , in these swf, there is others dropzone, with other swf

is it the answer U wanted ?

12 December 2002, 03:12 PM
what he said :D

it uses the loadmovie and unloadmovie commands to load separate swf's into different levels in your main flash movie. works really well for organizing a larger site.


12 December 2002, 03:15 PM
thanks for the translation :rolleyes:

12 December 2002, 08:06 PM
you say there is a main SWF with some other SWFs
inside of it. the main must load another SWF
can it do that inside of itself , not in a new explorer page?

[if what i just said is not what you guys mean, tell me!]

12 December 2002, 08:44 PM
exactly right, the main swf is loading new swf's into it. just set your button action in the main swf to loadmovie at level 1 or greater (level 0 is where your main movie is) and it'll load into your main movie. play with it a bit, it'll make sense.

sorry error, no offense intended. just wanted to mention the levels part as its pretty important. you know what you're talking about :)


12 December 2002, 08:42 AM
fig ---> yeah no prob :beer:

Armin ---> Do U want that i make an fla for exemple ???

12 December 2002, 10:40 AM
i got it but will be very happy to download your Fla
thank you very much
i'll wait for that FLA
...see ya.

12 December 2002, 12:13 PM
ok that's done

if U have any question no problem !! :)

click on flash_load_movie

hope U will anderstand what i have done

12 December 2002, 05:50 PM
good friend:thumbsup:
but i had a problem with that extention .RAR
what i have to do with that to open it in Flash.
so sorry about that!

thank you very much.

12 December 2002, 07:16 PM
lol !!!

ok go to this url and then dl winrar

then doubleclik on the file that U dowload (error.rar)
and extract it where U want .

click on main.html for the demo

.fla are the master's files
.swf are the exported files from flash (compiled )

is it ok ?

12 December 2002, 01:54 PM
JOB DONE :thumbsup:

thanx again,

12 December 2002, 09:38 AM
speaking of, how do they import quality 3d animations into flash and keep the site relatively small at the same time? there site loads pretty quickly, and then all the animations are definitely not flash, or swift3d or anyhting, anyone know if they do anything special?

Ian Jones
12 December 2002, 01:59 PM
About Whoswe

No, there's no special 'trick' to it... just smart, very smart reusage of the same elements is how you make it look more complex than it is.

the way the main menu zooms out is not part of the 3d anim, its just a resize of a single frame using flash. There's an obvious point at which they didn't need the extra frames so they used flash to do the zoom instead.

I have forgotten the exact 3d anims, so I can't comment any more deeply on how they may have saved filesize.

I wouldn't say it exactly loads quickly... hrmm.

Ian Jones
12 December 2002, 02:17 PM

Here's an example. the area I have selected is the bit that animates. So if you make the rest a static image then it saves on filesize bigtime! When I zoomed in I noticed compression (I have recompressed here, so ignore the quality) so they do compresss it a fair bit to its limit.

hope that helps.

12 December 2002, 08:22 PM
i agree ...Ian Jones
"not that much fast as ahattemer said"
but very cool anyway they are.

Michael Chen
12 December 2002, 12:55 AM
This is just my opinion.

I think 2advanced is made up of alot of seperate swf files.

The main one is the inteface swf, thats where the logo and the intro effect is, plus the menus.

The sub contents like profile, contact, etc. all have there own individual swf. And by using the load and unload movie, each swf can be uploaded and loaded depending on the situation (i.e. which button the viewer clicks).

The main reason that the the whole site was made with seperate swf files, rather than a single file, is because of maintenance (in the long run).

Ian Jones
12 December 2002, 08:46 AM
Yeah, maintenance is an issue in the long run. Modular websites like that could be referred to as OOP websites. There structure is "object oriented programming" which is an inherently powerful and dynamic method of utilising your content smartly.

DOD 'Download on demand' is the other reason... give web browsers the power to decide how they use their bandwidth. Let them download on demand, instead of loading an entire site which they may not want.

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