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03 March 2006, 09:34 AM
i did a tutorial/list of tips about the optimization in lightwave workflow, you can find here
i collect some of workaround and tips that i learn during last 10 years of working in LightWave3D.
if you search on front page of cgunderground is near my image that you can see here.

03 March 2006, 11:05 AM
I'll add my incremental saver to that list so its not needed to doublecheck and fix broken links between the LWS and incrementally saved LWOs:

03 March 2006, 01:47 PM
rewrite graph editor with easyer control for beziers and easy in outs.and enable DRAW MOTION PATH inside layout

03 March 2006, 06:13 PM
please mav3rick,
explain me what you mean.

usually i use 1600 x 1200 screen resolution, where i have graph editor open in bottom part of screen, and is all that i need to control motion, if i disable show motion path i can have faster feedback on screen refresh. i not work everytimes with show motion path disable, it's a very useful option, but sometimes (since an years ago i did an animation of 80 characters where 27 are walking on a platform) with show motion path the comples scene would be unusable for a very low speed of redraw, when i disable it i can use scene (i did first animation of walkes, and then i add to complex scenes, naturally).
have a nice day.

best would be if newtek change the way of control the motion, imagine to click on a motion path and edit it directly, actually you can move the node by edit path tool, but think if you change type of node, if you change directly the handler of bezier and adjust the tension of curve....
i hope is in the future improvement of lw workflow.

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03 March 2006, 06:13 PM
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