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02 February 2006, 10:02 PM
I'm currently trying to get a character to morph into a number of different shapes, using a rig that can squash and stretch, and blendshapes.

I just want my character to morph into a new body with a new pose, be still for a camera pan, and morph again and so on. The basic idea is this - the rig morphs the character into his new shape and pose as much as it can. At that stage I take a copy of the mesh, and sculpt that into the exact shape I want it. I then dial this in as a blendshape so that as the rig is moving to its new shape, the blendshape is driving the verts at the same time to a more accurate new shape. This works fine.

The problem is, I have eyes and teeth as seperate meshes (which also change shape). These are parented to appropriate joints in the head. As the rig moves, they stay in place BUT as the blendshape dials in, the mesh is no longer fully controlled by the rig, as the blendshape is pulling it away, and as a result the eyes/teeth are left fully controlled by the rig, and kind of end up hovering in no mans land, outside of the head.

I've tried having blendshapes that control the eyes and teeth globally, and dialing these in on the exact same frames as the main body blend shapes, and although this makes them closer to the inside of the head, they're still out of place. Hand animating them is really hard, and I can't do it without some wobble.

Anyway, I'm no rigger, so can anyone see a way around this problem? I'm about to try constraining the eyes/teeth to a locator or empty group that is locked onto a vertex on the surface of the object. But since I'm pretty certain that that's a crap idea, I'm posting in anticipation of it failing, and thus still leaving me with the problem :)

03 March 2006, 09:07 AM
The idea of a constraint isnīt that akward at all. Why not use a point constraint and pin your objects back to your joints, or, if thatīs not possible to a vertex on your mesh. If your objects wobble around during morphing, mayba clusters will help to correct the movement?

Sure, itīs a bit clunky, but when things happen in midproduction, that nobody thought about, well, s**t hits the fan.The other way would be to rerig the character and depending on how much work you put into your character, then that might not be an alternative, eh?



03 March 2006, 10:20 PM
I assume your using maya. Sounds like you need to change the order of inputs to your mesh. Select your mesh, right click in the view window, go down to inputs and select All Inputs at the bottom. A window should come up with a list of inputs(skin cluster,tweak,blenshapes,ect) The inputs in the window are stacked in order from bottom to top(bottom being the first input) To change the order middle mouse click and drag on one and drag it down. It sounds like your skin cluster input is coming before your blendshapes, so MM drag your blendshape input to the bottom of the list. Try moving the skeleton and dial in the blenshapes, it should work.


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03 March 2006, 10:20 PM
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