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02 February 2006, 07:37 PM
Hey everyone! This is my first contest I've entered. I always find out about them too late, or don't quite have that idea that seems perfect. This time just happened to be different. I'm still figuring out composition of the piece, but here's the general concept:

In the foreground you'll see an asteroid field that stretches far and wide, and on one of the bigger asteroids stands a satyr(half goat, half human...they play flutes and like dancing in the forest) playing a tune on his flute. Around him, on the asteroid which he stands on, there will be grass growing, maybe a river flowing through it, possibly mountains and a volcano puffing out a cloud of smoke. In the background you'll see mass chaos of our beloved solar system. Earth will be collapsing in and slowly is being eaten away. Spacestations and shuttles will be exploding, collapsing and falling towards earth. Planets will be out of orbit, some will be colliding into one another. The Sun is evolving and slowly eating away the inner planets of the system, turning bright red and much more violent.

This was inspired by a conversation awhile back about how Mother Nature will always take care of herself. Even though the solar system as we know it is being destroyed, Mother Nature sent out her spirit on this asteroid, with the satyr there to protect it and make sure she lives. This is the journey of both Mother Nature and the satyr, coming out into the universe for the first time, completely lost, but still hopeful.

I'll try to get a sketch up soon so you can understand it a little bit better!

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02 February 2006, 07:37 PM
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