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02 February 2006, 08:54 AM
Juraj Molcak is entered in the "The Journey Begins Challenge" update: View Challenge Page (

Latest Update: Final Image: LEAVING LEAF (

02 February 2006, 10:33 AM
Aaaah, those challenges. They are like magnet.
Respect to all and good luck challengers!

02 February 2006, 10:34 AM
they are indeed. Good luck to you as well :thumbsup:

02 February 2006, 08:03 PM (

Here is my idea. Itīs kinda very illustrative. I wanna go for more stylised look with touch of fresh graphics. And I prefer to have more fun with this challenge then was Spectacular.
Of course, this pages are truly open for C&C discussion, so feel free with it.


02 February 2006, 08:09 PM
Hi Juraj - already started!
So - it's the little dragon leaving home? Cute concept, I think this could work very well - good luck!

02 February 2006, 08:22 PM
Hi Gun Gun Gunilla! Welcome!

So - it's the little dragon leaving home?

Yes, his mother died... or, is she sleeping ? :D

02 February 2006, 08:24 PM
I like your idea... May depth of field be with you. Good luck.

02 February 2006, 08:51 PM
Very nice concept, i like it lot! :)

You nailed the saturation difference in the dragons :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 04:32 AM
Hiya Oweron ! nice to see u and already doing great ! cool concpet mate. and sketch!

03 March 2006, 07:46 AM
Job. - thank you. Looks like there is going to be lot of fights around this kind of idea. True challenge :twisted:

yunisirees - Thanx mate! Hurry up with some spectacular concept. Give us some fresh green :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 08:00 AM
great concept! pushing the emotional end as well with the young dragon leaving a deceased parent like that. I hope you keep the rain, it really sets the mood too.

Good luck! :beer:

03 March 2006, 11:19 AM
Wintermute - glad you like it. About the rain, it should be like strawberry on the top of the cake. But now, letīs have some beer.

03 March 2006, 01:39 PM
Hooray dragons! I've subscribed.

It's also a really nice concept, the mother really has a good sense of 'dead', and pose of the little dragon looking back is cool.

03 March 2006, 02:47 PM
burpy - give me a shout when you will see more dragons around here ;) Thanx for your feedback. Keep up good work!

03 March 2006, 08:05 PM (

Mother. I canīt believe that she is going to be in very unhappy mood.

Thanx for comments.

03 March 2006, 08:11 PM
nice design...very very nice...i keep on eye on your work ! good luck !:)

03 March 2006, 08:22 PM
Nice start :thumbsup:

Good luck to you :bounce:

03 March 2006, 08:25 PM
Really nice design! Definately subscribing to this one!

03 March 2006, 08:33 PM
Hi, nice concept sketch that show a clear idea, i like it !

Cool character design so far, colors works very well, i like how the little dragon is detached from the background, alone in the scene, keep it up :)

03 March 2006, 09:22 PM
Nice skechs and cool idea:)

Good luck!

03 March 2006, 09:24 PM
Good Start Juraj Look Nice Idea

Have Fun Man :scream:

03 March 2006, 10:10 PM

nice idea, I like youre sketches... gonna watch this thread :)

03 March 2006, 10:12 PM
oh I love the design and the low poly modeling. Nice curves. really great !!
good luck

03 March 2006, 10:16 PM
This has to be the 1st mammal dragon I have ever seen. or is she a marsupial? the front profile kinda looks like she has a kangaroo pouch too! extra bonus points for unique character design!

looking great so far!

03 March 2006, 10:20 PM
love the character design man , looking forward to see more!

03 March 2006, 01:22 AM
Hey great modelling! It's got a good sense of character about it. So are you going to be doing it all it a cartoony style? Or will the background be realistic?

Keep up the great work.:thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 01:30 AM

reminds me of Dragon Lair or Sword and the Stone type animation.

looking forward to more.

Matt -

03 March 2006, 03:07 AM
Very cool and Creative scene you got oweron. i lik ethe idea of the lil dragon's mother dead and all. i think you gonna do great. Keep it up!!

03 March 2006, 04:00 AM
nice job guy...
verry impressive. Your project got a verry good start.

03 March 2006, 07:12 AM
Nice painting dude.Love the idea.

Good luck .

03 March 2006, 07:55 AM
Ouaaah, good morning friends!

monks - thank you, you are welcome in here everytime.

Nomad - good luck to you as well!

Selina42 - glad for this! Feel free to comment every single pixel in here :thumbsup:

cipher - yes, this is going to be important! Need to be really carefull about depth lighting and colors in this one.

Vedic kings - Thanx, Good luck!

MoMaZa - have fun! Yeah, this is what I want. Thank you!

theuni - you are welcome to! thanx!

authentic - Hey, thank you man! Glad that you love this.

Wintermute - he he he! yeah, little bit of this, little bit of that... :scream:

SheepFactory - thank you! Happy to have you here. Keep watching.

burpy - hey dragon man! mostly cartoony. Canīt really be so sure. This should be friendly, even if there is depression. Kinda challenge for modeling approach as well.

mttjss - did quick google search for your point. Yeah, kinda old school... Thanx for feedback!

Bikod - Oh, we will see how polygons will run. Thank you.

Tre1z3 - I like how this work starts as well. Canīt really even think about final result. Should be different than scene concept is. Less illustrative. More dramatic.

SONIC-X - hey dude, thanx dude! good luck to you!

Good luck to all of you! Have fun. Donīt kill dragons - they have their own problems...


03 March 2006, 08:06 AM
Very nice! My suggestion would be to show the dragons facial expression, tho not necessary since the scene is powerful in itself. Just an idea.

Good luck! :)


03 March 2006, 08:23 AM
love this concept, very original..
consider me subscribed!

03 March 2006, 11:04 AM
ragdoll - thank you, and thanx for an idea! I want to set the expression for body. I think we donīt need to see facial expresion in order to feel emotions. This is going to be very hard fun :scream:

Versiden - Hi Martin! Nice to see you in here! Check this out as often as you want. Your spectacular image was fantastic!

thanx for making this challenge interesting from start.

03 March 2006, 11:12 AM
And this thread is already steaming! :D
Very nice start with the dragon - great character already!

03 March 2006, 11:56 AM
Looooove this design!!
Great great great man Im fond of this beast!
Can't wait to see next wip!!
Good luck

03 March 2006, 09:30 PM
Gunilla - what! steaming? where? oh my God! where? :bowdown:

funkyboss - Glad you like it that way! Good luck to you. Already started real 3D modeling, so will update it soon.

03 March 2006, 09:48 PM
wow! beautiful concept. Good luck!

03 March 2006, 11:06 PM
I like the way you made it stylised, Ill be keeping an eye on this one :D

03 March 2006, 11:11 PM
you have my attention :D

03 March 2006, 12:09 AM (

First little step. I am still learning how to model fast and accurate - it means UNDO is my friend :)
I will be very happy with some suggestions for my topology from riging point of view. I wanna make this big mom useful for animation.

03 March 2006, 12:15 AM
I like your idea and I think you're off to a good start. One thing though, is there any way that you could pose the little dragon so we could see his face. I think that showing the sadness in the dragon's eyes would really help to convey emotion and the sence of loss.

03 March 2006, 01:07 AM
love the concept sketch. imnot sure if anyone else has mentioned this but if they have then im sorry for repeating.

i was wondering if you were going to put any kind of details that might hint at how the mother died? is it like the other end of the st. george story? did she die protecting her child? i think details on the mothers death might help strengthen the childs reason for leaving. just typing out loud. anyways love where you are going so far.

03 March 2006, 02:17 AM
Excellent start and the form is looking great so far on the model.

Good luck!

03 March 2006, 03:24 AM
Oh look someone already start modeling! Good luck with ur entry dude!:thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 03:26 AM
Im going to keep my eyes on this one!!

03 March 2006, 04:45 AM
haha oweron, i guess you're gonna call me dragon man from now on. But I don't deserve it, your dragons are looking much more awesome!:thumbsup:

To me, it looks like the mesh will deform fine, the bending parts mainly look like a tube of quads, so that should be ok. Don't know much about rigging though.

Well, keep posting updates!

03 March 2006, 06:37 AM
Nice progress dude,looking forward to this one.

03 March 2006, 08:17 AM
nice sketch ~ cool style !

03 March 2006, 08:18 AM
This dragon is looking good. Hope to see more of the development.

03 March 2006, 11:03 AM
Hey Oweron, I can tell that it's going to be a pleasant journey to look at your work.
Very good start!

03 March 2006, 12:48 PM
ziriguidum - thanx. Good luck to you 2!

vivin - Glad you like it. Still not sure about final 3D look, but will be something less smooth.

se7enthcin - Cool :thumbsup:

-WOODY- - I am about to make another sketch with that kind of pose. I just want to compare them. Still think that we donīt need to see his face. Thanx for suggestion!

alkhobarspecial -i was wondering if you were going to put any kind of details that might hint at how the mother died? - Exactly yes. I have few ideas. thanx for suggestion. My girlfriend had the same suggestion, so I am playing with this detail in my mind.

dmonk - :)

beelow - I need to. Have some important work at the same time with the challenge, so canīt dreaming too much :scream: Good luck!

rasamaya - Yeah, Just do it. Thanx!

burpy - sure, dragon man!

SONIC-X - Happy! Keep it up!

ufotung - thank you.

ecura - Thanx. Hope to keep my development at such a level.

claudio_jordao - Hah. And again, the motto for this journey is: Donīt kill dragons! They have their own problems :scream:

03 March 2006, 01:23 PM
Nice idea! I like model too! :) Good luck!

03 March 2006, 02:10 PM
Really kewl style you've got going here.
Best of luck..

03 March 2006, 02:56 PM
Very very promising Start... (subscribes)

03 March 2006, 05:11 PM
Hey Juraj! Good luck friend! I like first concept :thumbsup:

Nech sa ti darí! :D

03 March 2006, 05:35 PM
BobbEr - Thanx, good luck to you too!

Tåke - take this as my best wishes to you as well!

sergioKomic - yeah! Thanx man. Good luck :)

rawwad - so you are in, cool! Nech sa dari... :buttrock:

03 March 2006, 10:07 PM (

just small update. Good night.

03 March 2006, 12:03 PM (

Hello friends,

I made this comparasion in order to know your opinion. To me, little fella looks more dramatic with pose looking back. I had some ideas about emphasize death ( arrows on the left, and more radical alsodeath man on the right :)
feel free to comment. feel free to post some suggestions.
Thanx for your feedback.

03 March 2006, 12:28 PM
I will go with the left one, arrows are a good idea, show directly a threat to the dragons... about the pose of the lil one i'd prefer to have view on his face to see his sadness, the turn back pose could works well's up to you, good work :)

03 March 2006, 12:36 PM
the left: no doubts what happend, she is dead and he have to start his journey, all alone :cry:

03 March 2006, 02:50 PM
both are very strong... As long as it's clear that the dragon in the background is dead, then it's understood that the dragon on the foreground is leaving...

my suggestion, use the image on the left with the same pose for the dragon but have his head turn around with a sad facial expression towards a scary venture into the outside world alone, plus it's a rainy/sad/gloomy day...

here's a sketch... i had to draw on your piece to make my explanation clear... :D

sorry, i messed it up... but you get what i mean right?

just a suggestion...

good luck!:thumbsup:


03 March 2006, 03:04 PM
I think the pose on the right looks off, he doesn't look sad. The only way I can imagine showing his face while keeping that camera angle is too take a snapshot as he is walking dejectedly away, which would be a short time after the first concept.

Although I think the looking back is a very very strong concept. I understand wanting to see the face, but there is an element also gained from not seeing his face, and overall the pose creates stronger emotion.

Nice work on both though.:)

03 March 2006, 03:14 PM
Nice work, good luck:thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 07:25 PM
cipher - yes, arrows idea looks better to me too. Man or other animal is just perturbative for this scene. Thanx for your point.

makaron - ah, makaron, welcome! :)

ragdoll - ha ha, you really did it? You really did sketch for me :buttrock: Thanx man. And of course, I get it!

burpy - Although I think the looking back is a very very strong concept.
I kinda like it more too. Looks nice theatrical and stronger from my point of view. Thank you for your opinion.

Xcomman - Thanx. Good luck to you too :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 08:01 PM
Can't wait for more progress, been watching a while now..
The dragondesign is looking very good!
Don't stop now! :D

03 March 2006, 09:17 PM
Very cool idea! Are you going to keep them low poly, or going zbrush all the way? Good luck with the contest!

03 March 2006, 01:30 AM
MichaelMotion - thanx mate! Will post some modeling updates soon.

dvelasco - hah, Zbrush all the way... Man, I am one of those without any Zbrush experience:scream: Yes, I will go for more edge look. Not really sure about final result, but I made some test and it looks pretty cool to me. Good luck to you too.

03 March 2006, 01:51 AM
I think have much being start the life with this journey. Not's easy and your image translate this filling, work with a cartoon style is more hard but i see you'll do a very beautiful and dramatic image. :)

03 March 2006, 08:39 AM
I think have much being start the life with this journey. Not's easy and your image translate this filling, work with a cartoon style is more hard but i see you'll do a very beautiful and dramatic image. :)

And kind of being is not important. I donīt know, why I did choose dragon-like character... That was just what smack my mind. I read somewhere around this challenge, that "dragons became such a cliche". Hope to finish it to beat this notion.
yohann - thanx.

03 March 2006, 09:22 AM
I really like his pose in the left one - very strong emotion. I think it could work well even if we don't see his face. Perhaps you could have a pool of rain reflecting a part of him? A glimpse of a sad eye could be enough.

03 March 2006, 09:44 AM
Looking great so far! I prefer the looking away pose as well. Drooping arms, ears and wings with the head kinda hanging low really carry the emotion.

The little bit of modeling progress looks pretty good too! Keep it up! :beer:

03 March 2006, 10:06 AM
nice concept sketches :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 01:19 PM
I think this one is hard to judge. The one on the left tells more of a sad situation with the little dragon face back. Arrows is also a good placement because it tells some kind of action has taken place much more then just a dead man. The right, the dragon looks as if it didn't really care. His tilted head seem to have that attitude. Have you consider making the little dragons head looking towards the ground. I think a study of animal (I think cats and dog run through these emotion) behavour when they are sad, scared, worried might help you find a good solution.

03 March 2006, 01:30 PM
beautiful concept. so sad. it's tough to decide between the two because of the lure of seeing the baby dragons face doesn't fit with the telling pose on the left. maybe if you keep the dragons same pose (in 3d local space) but turn the baby dragon slightly in the world then you could get a 1/4 view of the face without compromsing the silhouette too much. you've got skills so this is going to be great either way.


03 March 2006, 07:13 PM
Gunilla - Perhaps you could have a pool of rain reflecting a part of him? A glimpse of a sad eye could be enough.
Man, bro, you know what is funny? I made a little sketch of your suggestion and to me a shape of sad eye looks kinda different in reflected way. Looks almost like happy eye. And I am not talking about sad mouth shape, hah :sad: :)

Wintermute - cheers :beer:

Jelmer - thanx mate!

ecura - animal study sounds good. I will do the search, but for now, I prefer looking back pose too. Thanx for your opinion.

Cleveland - yeah, better to tweak lil oneīs pose after I will have his modeling and expression done. Thank you for "about skills" compliment :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 10:08 PM (

Here is new modeling update. Progressing kinda slow, I know :) Thanx you all for your opinions on my concept comparasion. For modeling I am still looking for topology correction comment from you folks, in order to make this character useful for later animation.

03 March 2006, 10:35 PM
So far the modeling looks really clean. Keep it up! :)

03 March 2006, 12:57 AM
looks nice and clean to me- I'm not much of an animation expert, but I guess you might want some loops around the wing base where it joins the body for rotation/ movement.
I like your sketches BTW..look forward to seeing this evolve!

03 March 2006, 03:48 PM
great idea and very good beginning of design

03 March 2006, 06:22 PM
grobouk - thank you and welcome in here :)

se7enthcin - :thumbsup:

shakes - good point, thank you. And BTW glad you like my sketches :scream:

03 March 2006, 09:00 PM
This oughta be kewl. I like dragons.

03 March 2006, 09:04 PM
For later animation the mesh looks pretty good I guess..
Nice lowpoly and clean, shouldn't be a problem.
Can't wait to see this dragon finished, he looks very stylized already..


03 March 2006, 01:19 PM
jamwae - kewl! thank ya!

MichaelMotion - the mesh is going to be subdivided in some parts. Need it for final materials. Hope its gonna be all right.

03 March 2006, 07:59 AM

looks great to me, but don`t even think about listening to me as a modelling and animation beginner :)

03 March 2006, 12:54 PM (

Some poly progress. Yehaaa, weīve got legs and arms :) Any topology suggestions for this lowpoly level are always welcome. Thank you.

03 March 2006, 01:33 PM
There are so much great character in this challenge. And this dragon is not the least. Congrats.

03 March 2006, 01:54 PM
Very nice one buddy, just keep it up you're on a good way believe me :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 01:58 PM
very nice modeling, seems like an origami in paper:), i love this style !

03 March 2006, 03:15 PM
Really cool style you've managed to keep up there!:)

It really does look somewhat like origami. Great style, no crits so far.:thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 08:38 PM
authentic - the voice of character master on my board. Thank you! :scream:

cipher - eeem, mmmmh, eeeaaam... I believe you. Thanx buddy!

monks - Man, I want to see this in real origami... somebody is on very hard way to do it :applause: My next wip will be the paper one, hehehe. Thank you for compliment.

burpy - yeee, dragon man! But I think I canīt go for exactly this origami style for final pict. I am afraiding about low poly look because of comparasion with other high detailed threads of this challenge. I will probably go for something in the middle of this 2 extremes.

03 March 2006, 09:19 PM
Awesome modeling, keep up the great work.

03 March 2006, 08:40 AM
Hey! Cool, It started looks really great!

Nó teda, tá dračica vyzerá dost dobre, len tak ďalej :)

03 March 2006, 01:36 PM
nice and cute .. congrats..

03 March 2006, 02:08 PM
I like the style you are using for the dragon.... Its simple but very expressive like the concept sketch. good luck:)

my journey begins: (

03 March 2006, 08:59 PM
Wow, some new folks on this board :bounce:
ar LutiK - Thank you, I will work hard to keep it up :thumbsup:

Griever - Vdaka, som velmi rad, ze sa paci. Thanx again.

Bernard Caumes - Glad you like it. Thank you.

jasondesigns - Thanx for compliment as well. Hope you will like it after some tweaking I need to make on the final version for this challenge. And I still have got the LIL ONE to create.

03 March 2006, 12:46 AM
Digging the style my friend. Keep moving in that direction. I'm feeling a little intimidated by all the great entrys so far. :cool:

03 March 2006, 01:27 AM
whoa!!! the model it's perfect. congratulations. :applause:

03 March 2006, 10:51 AM (


This should be final lowpolygonal model for BIG MOM. I did some fast coloring in order to feel it better. Enjoy it.
Now, its time for LIL ONE. I will tweak this lowpolys later.

03 March 2006, 10:59 AM
This is such a wonderful model! Are you planning to keep some of the boxy look for the highres version? I think you should - it could be really special.
Looking forward to the poor little baby then, good luck! :)

03 March 2006, 11:31 AM
Great dragon model dude.Keep up the exellant work.

03 March 2006, 12:51 PM
Its looking just lovely!

03 March 2006, 01:14 PM
I'm hoping that you'll keep using your unique style. Don't feel intimidated by all the realistic entries, they are just more of the same, your's on the other hand..

Man I like it!

Good luck

03 March 2006, 01:30 PM
I like your model! :) It looks just like in your sketch! Keep it up! :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 01:53 PM
Very nice character!
I ask the same as Gunilla!

03 March 2006, 01:54 PM
this last lowpoly render is looking sweeeeeet!
folow this one till the end!

03 March 2006, 02:40 PM
Thats a nice model. Cant wait to see the little fella!

03 March 2006, 02:46 PM
Looking great! Although you say that it would get unnoticed amongst the realistic entry's - but it's standing out very well right now!:)

I agree that you should keep some of that style for the characters. My only concern is it may be a little hard to integrate into the background, but that depends on how you're planning to do that.

Looking forward to updates!

03 March 2006, 02:50 PM

We have a challenger....:applause:

03 March 2006, 03:19 PM
I just signed up and started browsing this 3D challenge to see what it is about. Your idea immediately stood out. Very nice design and modeling. Looking forward to seeing more of it. Great work...

03 March 2006, 03:41 PM
color! looking great so far oweron! looking forward to the li'l guy!


03 March 2006, 05:10 PM
wow the low poly looks very stylized. I kind of like that too.

03 March 2006, 05:48 PM
hehe, good luck with your little dragon!:thumbsup:


03 March 2006, 06:23 PM
Good idea, I love the dragon :thumbsup: good luck

03 March 2006, 09:22 PM
Wow! Thanx for nice feedback friends!

se7eventhcin - haha, great artist with great concept feels intimidated... sorry buddy, I have to laugh :scream:

ziriguidum - thanx for such a compliment. You are on such a good journey as well! Keep it up :thumbsup:

Gunilla - aaah, welcome back my friend. Yes, the boxy look will stay. Just working on some test for final mesh, just keep watching.

SONIC-X - thank you dude! Whatīs up with your thread man? Out of free time?

Selina42 - thank you? ah, 42... :sad:

Geteken - Thanx for your opinion. Will keep it in mind for sure :banghead:

BobbEr - :thumbsup: Happy to have your feedback here.

Alberto_Ro - Glad you like it. The answer is 42... eee, yes.

MichaelMotion - You should watch me in order to keep me on that way, ha ha... :D

luigithekid - Thanx. The sketch for lil one is on the way. Uploading soon.

burpy - I was planing some fresh gfx look for this such a gloomy image. Might work together, but also it might kill whole mood. I am personally happy how this character turned out.

sergioKomic - aaaaah, I see your point man... Donīt take me too serious :applause:

Backbone - Now this is very powerful to hear, thanx. Keep watching. C&C are more than welcome.

Wintermute - Lil one? My sketch paper is so wet because of his tear drops :cry: Hard to scan it.

Tirjasdyn - Thank you.

Gonzalo Golpe - :thumbsup: yep

dgrauers - Thanx. Good luck to you too.

03 March 2006, 11:27 PM
Dragon mum looks great, fantastic low poly model, also color combination is great!

Vidím, že sa darí, teším sa na dalšie updaty :D

03 March 2006, 11:37 PM
Heeeyyy, an origami dragon! LOL
Nice concept and modeling style.
I've seen you've searched for dragons anatomy to do the mom's 4 breasts.:cool:

Good Luck!

03 March 2006, 05:11 AM
Wow, great ideas and great dragon model, keep going and model more things i realy loved this.:thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 05:22 AM
wa...i love it , quiet cute , full of hracteristic and personal style , nice!

and of course good modeling and concept , your polygon's editing is very adorit , nice man , i love your dragon so so much:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 10:03 AM
rawwad - Thank you my friend :bounce:

rodrigoessinger - no no, I wasnīt. It was documentary at animal planet channel, ha ha ha :applause:
Thanx for compliment.

FlaminGlow - Glad you love this. Keep watching. I am about to start lilīone.

kreuz - Beware of this BIG MOM! Watch your little funny pets :twisted: Ha ha, kreuz, thank you.

03 March 2006, 10:28 AM
that dragon looks great..nice stylized look. really good design!

03 March 2006, 10:54 AM
Looking great! love the style... very different to many of the models out there. Keep them coming.

03 March 2006, 11:06 AM
This is great stuff, I really like your style!

Keep it up!

03 March 2006, 04:32 PM

I love it! I early in this thread you said you were a little hesitant on your modeling skills, looks like you really under estimated yourself.

Can't wait for more.

03 March 2006, 04:59 PM
Lovely! Especially wing-claws!

03 March 2006, 06:03 PM
shakes - thanx mate! Might be once, once I will have such a fast creature factory like you :scream:

ecura - Thank you. I always wanted to catch some fresh look in order to keep 3D smells like 3D but in good way.

Vedic kings - I am going to try it :deal: Keep watching, thanx.

dmonk - ha ha, yes I was. And still I am. Lot of things to learn around this 3D world. I am very fresh Softimage user, since last summer, but I am learning and this challenge is very good point to see my level. This nice feedback from you folks makes me feel that I am on good way.

komsa - :thumbsup: thank you.

03 March 2006, 08:14 PM (

Like mother like daughter. Like father like son. I am not sure about gender of this lilīone :)

03 March 2006, 08:18 PM
Yesss!! This one's gonna be good. Unique style you have there...and the modeling is top-notch. Such an emotional impact that your final image will create. :cry:

Looking forward to the modeling of the baby dragon.

03 March 2006, 08:31 PM
you have another fan here. now that is some real personnal and stylish 3D.

Wayne jermaine
03 March 2006, 10:23 PM
sweet !! nice design dude... keepa it upp

03 March 2006, 05:17 AM
i love these chars. stylish and lovely. :thumbsup:
imo it is a little mutch 2d here, maybe that changed when you add more elements in the scene or when you use some shadows to give your scene more deep. :rolleyes:

03 March 2006, 07:09 AM
I canīt visit this thread any more... Iīm gonna start :cry: all over the keyboard... haha

but you got really sad dragon here... very good bodylaugue... :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 08:47 AM
Good morning all,

Jedi-Juice - Thanx mate, nice words to start new day, ha ha

Banjowanjo - now that is cool :cool: Gonna wear my sunglasses, ha ha. Thank you.

Wayne jermaine - :thumbsup: Thank you.

mac_andre - Thanx for comment. Not really sure what you mean with "too much 2D here". Are you talking about concept sketch? Are you talking about my beasts? :rolleyes:

makaron - Aaaaahhh NO :cry: donīt take it like that mona... You know you have to stay. So please... He is going to grow up, and He will be strong and He is going for revenge too. Come on - here, here are some handkerchiefs for you.

03 March 2006, 08:51 AM
Awww, sad little dragon :cry:

sketch looks great! when you finish modeling and rigging him/her, I think the wings should be all droopy like his/her arms and head.

still looking good, keep it up!

03 March 2006, 01:09 PM
Yeah!! :buttrock: That guy is looking just right!

03 March 2006, 07:02 PM
just love your character design..he's fantastic! love the toon colors, too.great stuff

03 March 2006, 07:11 PM
I'm loving your style, the dragon's design is very original.... and the idea is great too, sad but great, there are a lot of feelings in there.... good job :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 07:24 PM
Now that's what i call great style! Keep up with that please!:thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 07:56 PM
hah dude , ur coming up with nice stylized dragons! absolutly love them!

03 March 2006, 08:01 PM
Lovely dragons. Making a dragon look visually 'fresh' is not that easy, you did that perfectly. Well done.

03 March 2006, 08:10 PM
I agree with azazel ...very refreshing....i like your drawig style too.. :) .


03 March 2006, 08:32 PM
Fantastic little dragon i think we repeat those words too much but realy worth it, let me tell you something, when i was trying to find an original idea i couldn't come up with one easily and i'm still searching for it and when i think i found an idea i figure out later that it looks like another one in site from china or from america or so on, it is so hard to make original thing nowdays lot of artists are digging so hard we just have to collect their stones.. he he :) how did you find a way to design new original creatures like that?

03 March 2006, 08:50 PM
im loving the progress on this!

congrats on the mama dragon! she looks stunning! :scream:

are you keeping them low poly just the way they are now or there's a high poly version?

keep it up!


03 March 2006, 09:33 PM
i think this is my fav so far, i love your style and the idea is top notch too. well done mate, got yourself another fan :bowdown:

03 March 2006, 11:19 PM
Hello folks :)

Wintermute - ha ha, I love your "his/her"... Good point from you, thanx. Gonna keep this in my mind :banghead:

luigithekid - Thank you.

shakes - Man, proud to read this words from you. I was searching your site few days ago - you are such a great yourself.

elmasfeo - thank you. Will be quite a challenge to keep that feelings within the final 3D one. You know it, thatīs what makes masters to be masters.

Cgkoko - Thank you :thumbsup:

yunisirees - welcome back dude! Thank you. I just love to work on those characters, you know that feeling, donīt you?

azazel , DimitrisLiatsos - Glad you like it. And many thanx for droping few nice words :)

FlaminGlow - Now this is probably the biggest reply on this board. Thank you for such a nice feedback :applause:

ragdoll - Thank you. And about your question: Letīs call it "semipoly" look, ha ha - this is something what I want to do with the mesh. Kinda boxy feel will stay.

dalmanna - :bowdown: welcome.

03 March 2006, 11:37 PM
your style is very refreshing . i like a LOT the lowpoly mother. wonder how she'll look finished!
good luck

03 March 2006, 01:16 PM
sandfish - "...wonder how she'll look finished!" Me too, ha ha ha :thumbsup: Thanx for nice reply.

03 March 2006, 01:29 PM
Hey Oweron, little dragon is looking great as usual. Your style is so consistent, it almost looks as though you reused parts of the body...wait, did you reuse parts of it? Getting lazy I see...:D

Nah, just kidding - this is looking GREAT!

03 March 2006, 09:04 PM (


Letīs have a break from creatures for a while. Did some fancy geometery and 3D scene test. Feel free to let me know what should I tweak + do you like those arrows?

03 March 2006, 09:09 PM
here Iīm again... with the handkerchiefs ready this time... :cry:

like the arrows... and seems like the little dragon have the right pose too... :) and the rain... poor little dragon...

03 March 2006, 09:29 AM
Good morning,

burpy - ha ha, you are almost right dragonman. Sketch is brand new, but I did use almost whole topology from BIG MOM in my 3D. Getting lazy, yeah. Or... eee... getting faster, hah :twisted:

makaron - :) I will probably name this image "And the Rain"... ha ha. OK, One for arrows. Thank you.

03 March 2006, 10:20 AM
Comp looks good - very sad with the rain and all... I like the back arrows but maybe not the ones close up - think they might draw attention from the lil' one, but that, of course remains to be seen when textured.
This is going really great :)

03 March 2006, 04:09 PM

Just thought I'd drop by and, and get some inspiration.... Yep, sure got some. Great looking baby dragon by the way.

Keep at it, and good luck

03 March 2006, 04:17 PM
very nice style and the composition works too. U can really feel for the little dragon hehe

keep it up ;)

03 March 2006, 09:29 PM
Gunilla - Hope I can make it not disturbing with low saturation and darkness of that part. Also, there will be more forest stuff around borders of the image, so... However, we will see. Thank you for suggestion.

Geteken - welcome back. Thanx for nice words, glad you get some inspiration from my board.

brazz - :thumbsup: yep, thanx for nice words.

03 March 2006, 12:47 PM (


Looks familiar? Sure itīs based on motherīs topology... Itīs her son / or daughter :) Uploading this just to show you how is my journey doinī.

03 March 2006, 01:38 PM
this little one is absolutely fantastic. I'm very enthousiastic about your thread. very much style.

03 March 2006, 02:40 PM (

Hiya again for today :)

Did fast enviroment sketch. This is probably the look I will go for den rock model. Might be less rangy. I want to keep the same style also for enviroment for best blending.

03 March 2006, 09:00 PM
this little one is absolutely fantastic. I'm very enthousiastic about your thread. very much style.

Glad you like it :bowdown: However, looks like geting quiet around here, slow progressing, I know. Canīt really catch the tempo of some of you folks, hah.

03 March 2006, 09:10 PM
even the rock looks sad... :cry: *reaching for the hankerchiefs*

me too like this style you have in your sketches... give us more... keep it up... :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 07:51 AM
Ha ha, come on mona, I have to medel as well :banghead: Just get an idea - what about to interpose one of your GPs in order to make the lilīone less sad ( or might be happy ? )

03 March 2006, 08:38 AM
I like you style of sketching.Nice model of the little one.

03 March 2006, 05:26 PM (


Ready with handkerchiefs? This should be final lowpolygone stage for "our lilīorphan". Now there is a time to play with enviroment. When I am finished with the enviroment than I will know how to tweak my lowpoly creatures. 72 days left, emmmm...looks good so far.

03 March 2006, 05:28 PM
Fantastic little dragon. I love it.

03 March 2006, 05:57 PM
that a great baby-dragon! I love it.
but what about a smooth version?

03 March 2006, 06:06 PM
here we go again... :cry: haha...

he is just adorable. and stylish.. and sad, the poor thing... well, he can borrow one of my GPs maybe he gets less sad... :)

03 March 2006, 06:29 PM
Wow, make those drops lowpoly to!:)

03 March 2006, 06:32 PM
Very cute little model Juraj!
Love the style you're working in!

Looks very promissing..
*waits for more* ;)

03 March 2006, 07:34 PM
I love your dragons... they have a ver cool style...
and they look great in low poly (are you going to keep then low poly?)
very nice concept too...

Goodd Luck!

03 March 2006, 07:39 PM
Nice model! I'll stick around to see more :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 08:40 PM
brilliant character-stylish indeed! like the low pol look too-quite different-you keeping them that way?

03 March 2006, 09:08 PM
Oweron, here you go again :thumbsup: , keep up...

03 March 2006, 09:30 PM
Oh dear, handkerchiefs someone! That is so sad and so cool at the same time. You got the style for this well nailed down - congrats! :)

03 March 2006, 05:56 AM
That is a quite little crying dragon.

03 March 2006, 06:36 AM
The little one is very cute

Great job. I'm almost tempted to tell you to leave it as a low polygon model. I like the boxy look. Keep it up! :applause:

03 March 2006, 07:09 AM
I really like the faceted look in that last would be interesting to see it carried through the whole scene

looking good!


03 March 2006, 04:24 PM
Hellooooo folks! Nice to see you here :thumbsup:

3D_Explorer - thank you. Glad you love that little fella.

Gootche - Thanx for feedback. There will be no such a smooth version, if you are talking about hypersubdividedshinysurfaces :) I want to keep as many hard boxy edges as is possible.

makaron - yeeeeaaa, we can borrow GP we can borrow GP we can borrow GP :scream: Eeeee, stop, now I am confused. I am not sure about his usual meals. Ups.

komsa - ha ha, low poly drops will do to me too. They are here only for fun, not really for image.

MichaelMotion - Thank you so much. Will need you here in order to keep this style alive. Keep watching.

BrianC - Thanx. I love them in lowpoly too, but I will ad some more details for final image. Will see how strongly.

Climax - feel free :thumbsup:

shakes - Thank you Mr. As mentioned before, I am going for kinda semipoly look. Something between that two extremes.

FlaminGlow - yep. Still here, still fresh, ha ha.

Gunilla - So happy that you feeling it that way. Cute and Sad :applause:

SONIC-X - Indeed, that is. Thanx for droping some nice words around here. Cheers.

se7enthcin - I have the same feeling, mate. To tell you the truth, this is going to be very hard decision.

Stefan-Morrell - Welcom here. Thank you for feedback, you are really mastering your thread. And yeah, whole scene faceted :beer:

03 March 2006, 04:36 PM (


Now this simply fantastic. So much style...Bravo! :bounce:

03 March 2006, 06:30 PM
Wow, the little guy sure is adorable. I love your concept and style too. Best of luck!

03 March 2006, 06:44 PM
That really is near perfect, so evocative. Fantastic style.

03 March 2006, 07:37 PM
makaron - yeeeeaaa, we can borrow GP we can borrow GP we can borrow GP :scream: Eeeee, stop, now I am confused. I am not sure about his usual meals. Ups.

we can start with a teaparty and see if the dragon and the GP can be friends... :scream:

and I really hoping for an update soon... we all wanna more of your sweet dragon... :bounce:

03 March 2006, 09:15 PM
I hope you will be keeping the low poly style. It looks so nice. I think that the contrast with the tears is interesting but I need to see more of the image to say if it works. Nice!!!

03 March 2006, 10:15 PM
hey excellet modeling style......:thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 10:26 PM
Very nice! Great model :)

Aj malý dráčik sa ti vydaril, pekný výraz :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 02:03 PM
DimitrisLiatsos - Oh, you really like it that way? Glad you like it that way :bounce:

MT Cup - Thank you. Best of luck to you too.

kary - Ha ha, near perfect... So, I should not stop now. Thanx for nice words.

makaron - Ha ha ha ha aaah ha ha ha ha :applause: This is so sweet! Well, I need to teach my lilīone about some teaparty behavior.

a-papantoniou - Tears are here just for some fun around this. They are not going to be in final scene. I want to keep lot of things not very stright. The expression of body should do it.

melkao - Thank you :thumbsup:

rawwad - ah, welcome back my friend. Looks like you finally switched your avatar from Xmas one :scream: ha ha.
Maly dracik : budem poziarnikom, budem poziarnikom - pamatas ten serial?

03 March 2006, 02:13 PM
Ohhh....very nice dragon.!!!

03 March 2006, 03:33 PM
I really love your style.allways amazing:love:

03 March 2006, 04:56 PM
I like this one, the original concept sketch is very dramatic.

There is one thing about this one that is nagging me a bit though.

His legs, they are different from the concept and are bend the wrong way. If you go for "realistic" that is.
I don't know if it is mentioned before since I didn't feel like reading through all those pages just for this post. If you'd like to change the leg the way it does fit, you wouldn't even have to adjust the foot part(till where it bends) just divide the upper part of the leg and the lower leg would become the foot. whereas the upper leg would be the upper and lower leg.

03 March 2006, 05:07 PM
rawwad - ah, welcome back my friend. Looks like you finally switched your avatar from Xmas one ha ha.
Maly dracik : budem poziarnikom, budem poziarnikom - pamatas ten serial?

haha, to si píš, že si to pamätám :D Spomenul som si nan hned ,ked som videl tvoj prvý návrh :)

03 March 2006, 06:14 PM
DimitrisLiatsos - Oh, you really like it that way? Glad you like it that way :bounce:

Like it? it?...i love it...i just hope u leave it like this...all the compo..or at least the's awesome and's good to see someone dare something new... :)


03 March 2006, 09:20 PM
His legs, they are different from the concept and are bend the wrong way. If you go for "realistic" that is.
I don't know if it is mentioned before since I didn't feel like reading through all those pages just for this post. If you'd like to change the leg the way it does fit, you wouldn't even have to adjust the foot part(till where it bends) just divide the upper part of the leg and the lower leg would become the foot. whereas the upper leg would be the upper and lower leg.

Uff man, you make my brain go nuts. Just imagine that your arms are creatureīs legs. Try to walk - this is the way my creatures are walking. I thing there is no problem within it. But, many thanx for such a feedback. All suggestions are welcome :thumbsup:

DimitrisLiatsos - yeah, ha ha ha, this is going to be HIT or MISS. Cool :banghead:

tuck - Thank you mate! Nice words nice feeling.

RenBoW - :beer:

03 March 2006, 10:01 PM (


Back to enviroment. The den mesh is almost done. There will be lots of forest stuff near the camera and same style ground details too. Thatīs it for today. Good night :)

03 March 2006, 10:22 PM
Great Style!:thumbsup:
good luck

03 March 2006, 02:15 AM
nice wood...i like a lot youre styke...very cartoon...good work:thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 02:33 AM
Excellent. I love the faceted look of everything.

03 March 2006, 08:13 AM
Crap ! How could I missed that awesome thread ! :banghead:

Wonderful stuff are going on here ! your style is just so great ! I agree with Dimi here , this is really unusual to see that kind of modeling !
Definitely gonna follow this from now !

cheers ,


03 March 2006, 08:16 AM
great so far, i've always been a fann of the fantacy angle, keep up the great work, good luck

03 March 2006, 08:19 AM
go the low poly king! love it very much.. the environment is very cool..very different and imaginative. keep it up!

03 March 2006, 03:25 PM
Oh its staying faceted? I can't seem to get the faceted look to look good, yet your doing a great job!

03 March 2006, 04:52 PM
Wow, great job so far. He's showing a lot of emotion. Great style too, as others have said. Keep going!

03 March 2006, 07:07 PM
Hiya folks :)

Davision - Thank you. Good luck to you too!

melkao - oh man, this is my nightmare :D This is not a wood, thatīs rock... aaaaaaaaargh :applause:

dmonk - Yeah, but Iīve got little bit different plans with this one. Thank you for nice words. Keep watching.

Zapan - Now youīve got it. Welcome! And thanx for feedback.

yrd4snd - Thank you and best of luck to you too!

shakes - now, I am king, ha ha ha :thumbsup: Well, we should do some friendship between your outlandish kingdom and mine, your majesty.

Womball - happy to break one of your "doubts", ha ha ha. Thanx for nice words.

flamingbs - Yep, will try my best. Keep watching, always happy with some feedback.

03 March 2006, 07:10 PM
is the dragon on his way to the teaparty? :) ..

I too would like to see this in lowpoly :bounce:

03 March 2006, 07:28 PM
Good Job! I liked mainly the compositions and the idea. They transmit a very strong message as the image is not directly about a great jouney

Keep up the good job!

03 March 2006, 07:53 PM
Love your style, it's good to see this alternative way of modelling. Why is he getting kicked out though? did he do something bad? He looks so young and helpless, poor thing =(

03 March 2006, 07:57 PM
more up ! more up ! :bounce:

great style. keep going !

03 March 2006, 10:42 PM
I really like your style. I think it's a very good and riginal way to work in 3D. I'm looking for this kind of approach since long time...Great work!

03 March 2006, 11:21 PM
Oweron its just looking beautiful! I love the posture of the baby- which really emotes, I love the background scenery, I love how true youve been to the concept design, and the multi-faceted style is so original and really works! Its a real joy to watch this thread! Looking forward to your next update!

03 March 2006, 04:38 AM
man i love you style both 2d and 3d
keep it up
From The Huffer

03 March 2006, 05:36 AM
Wow man this is a unique style, looks really cool, can't wait to see more !!!

03 March 2006, 07:13 AM
Nice cave dude-great style.

Keep it up!

03 March 2006, 08:48 AM
Cool stylized work! That cave rocks. Will come back to see the next milestones. Good luck!:thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 09:28 AM
Wow your style rocks! I just love it man!

Keep it up :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 10:17 AM
Very nice models and the feel of it is quite depressed. That definitely comes across instantly. I think you should watch the symmetry of the model. It feels slightly posed at the moment as his feet and arms and everything is so symmetrical. I guess this is probably because you're more in the early modelling stages, non? Otherwise, it's coming along nicely.


03 March 2006, 10:23 AM
What can I say oweron ?? Like it really. The more stylish piece of this challenge.

03 March 2006, 10:53 AM
i love the edge-design. really cool. keep it up .

03 March 2006, 12:28 PM
Hi Dvade

I love the expression on the face, and the stylized look.
Now is he sad or mad? Just thinking in showing a little more on the eyes or something.

Love it though



03 March 2006, 01:04 PM
Wow man no words to describe its beauty but as others said i like the faceted mesh so much it realy gave it style are you planning for it or you will smooth it later? i think even with the smooth it will still look so great.

03 March 2006, 01:06 PM
Everything is done with great style ! I love it ! Great work Juraj

03 March 2006, 01:16 PM
Aww poor dragon..:sad: Looks great tho, looking forward to the next update

Keep it up!

03 March 2006, 08:02 PM

makaron - No, the lilīone is on his way to first teaparty behaviour lesson :bounce: no jumping, :beer: no beer, :drool: no disgusting things, etc. Just have your tea ready. Iīll let you know the time.

daniel cestari - thanx for your comment. Hope it is not necessary to have direct journey vision for this challenge. This image should evoke feelings right on the start of one not really wanted journey. The journey begins.

lostboy - thanx for nice words. He is not actually kicked out. He didnīt do anything bad at all. The reason should be clear from my concept sketches - Mother is dead not by the hands of nature, home is not safety anymore, fear, sadness, long journey in front of...

dragonrouge - yeah, with such a nickname you suits perfectly to my thread :thumbsup:

medunecer - haha, why not to start yourself? Eeeeah, you are doing such a great work with your style. Keep going.

Selina42 - This is so warm for my heart. Thank you for such a nice words. Aaahh...

no1gashuffer + hhssuu - Glad you like it! Thank you.

SONIC-X - heh, welcome back dude! Howīs yours? Gonna check it out in a while.

thierry2005 - Thank you. Feel free to watch, feel free to post.

Vedic kings - You really love it? Glad you love it :thumbsup: Keep watchinī

jamiemccarter - Thanx for your suggestion! I am going to rig them and pose them close to what you can see on sketches. They are modeled with idea to be ready for animation, so...

authentic - What can I say, authentic? This is such a strong compliment :bounce:

mac_andre - Thank you. Hard edges rulez :buttrock: ha ha ha. Will see on final how strong.

smallone3d - ha ha ha, did you just name me Dvade? Sweet :applause: Dvade Tride is name for my slow business. It actually mean 2D 3D. Thanx for your feedback. Will keep it in mind for final pose.

FlaminGlow - Thank you. There will be no such a smooth. I am not really sure about exact final look, but Iīve got some nice ideas.

gpepper - Glad you love it. You are working on such a great thread yourself :thumbsup:

BazyBen - Yep :thumbsup: Thank you!

03 March 2006, 03:07 PM
melkao - oh man, this is my nightmare :D This is not a wood, thatīs rock... aaaaaaaaargh :applause:

OOPS! mistake....did looks like a wood to me...but any way is a great model that "woock"(wood-rock)...keep going my friend!:buttrock:

03 March 2006, 03:29 PM
A great piece of work... there is so much sensitivity and the stylization give it a huge sense of poetry, although this cartoon style.
Best of luck mate, I LOVE your work.

03 March 2006, 04:01 PM
really nice concept, specially like that unsmoothed edgy look

03 March 2006, 05:32 PM
Yo Bro! Let's see some updates now :cool: :D

03 March 2006, 06:29 PM
The little dragon: AWESOME!
The cave looks good, although I liked the sketch more, it looked more "jagged".

03 March 2006, 07:11 PM
cool concept, like the little guy -- quite a bit of feeling and emotion in your model, very nice. Thanks also for the wireframe scene shot -- good luck!

03 March 2006, 12:03 AM
melkao - hah, no problem at all. Letīs call it woock. You know what? Letīs call this style WOOCK :beer:

funkyboss - Glad you LOVE it! Thank you so much for such a nice words.

Dervish - Thank you. Yep, unsmoothing is what we want, ha ha :thumbsup:

luigithekid - Yes, I see your point. It looks good by itself. To me, that jaggy look might be too disturbing for main idea.

oceanbluesky - Did you find that scene wires useful? Thatīs perfect. Thanx for nice words. Good luck to you too!

Gunilla - hey, my BROsis! Here we go again. Small update on the way :cool:

03 March 2006, 01:53 AM
jajaja thats very nice....the woock style!:twisted:....we are the creators of the woock style!:eek:...hehehe that souds pretty good!:thumbsup:

keep going my friend.....

03 March 2006, 09:12 AM (


small update in da'house. I did very quick shader test too. Feel free to comment.
Have a nice day.

03 March 2006, 09:16 AM
I really like the ground texture. I believe it works well with the scene. I still cannot get over how nicely your modeling technique works with the polygon look. Nice job!

03 March 2006, 09:40 AM
I am totally fond of your poly's touch!
It is working so well... I can't crit now, I will wait for further WIP.
Continue the good work.

03 March 2006, 10:40 AM
Sorry , maybe i missed something but i don't get it why don't u smooth that dragon???

03 March 2006, 10:40 AM
time for tea?

this just gets better and better...
the colors alone is showing a gloomy and rainy day...

03 March 2006, 06:49 PM favourite the creature and designs...good luck!!!

03 March 2006, 06:55 PM
hey man...great update, now the woock atyle really looks like a rock!...good job:scream:

03 March 2006, 07:08 PM
Great progress here, the cave is cool :thumbsup:

Kepp this way :bounce:

03 March 2006, 07:51 PM
ooh..very nice! the shaders suit it very well.I like the matte finish.

03 March 2006, 11:09 PM
hello Oweron your works, idea and modeling ... simply everything is absolutly impressive .... BRAVO my friend :applause:

03 March 2006, 11:14 PM
se7enthcin - nice words my friend, thank you. On the other hand, I still cannot get over how somebody can make such a detailed models within the same time as I am playing with few polygons, ha ha ha. Thatīs probably something around nature :thumbsup:

funkyboss - Thank you. Keep watchinī Hope to keep it to your satisfaction.

stavrevstefan - hm, why should I? Ha ha, just kidding :D This is not the final version, but If you are expecting something highly smooth, than I have to say sorry too.

makaron - aaah, I am so sorry. Weīve got few more lessons. BTW: Let me introduce our teaparty teacher

foche - This is very nice feeling to read something like this. Thanx. Best of luck to you too.

melkao - So, we are back with "rock" name than? :sad:

Nomad - Yep :bounce: my network friend.

shakes - Glad you like it. But it is just a test. Later, I will play with render tree much more. Thanx!

03 March 2006, 11:17 PM
hello Oweron your works, idea and modeling ... simply everything is absolutly impressive .... BRAVO my friend :applause:

Oh, REZI-st, you are here? Very happy that you like it. If you will have some opinions or suggestions, just feel free to drop some words, heh. :bounce:

Aaaah, uz je vela hodin. Idem spat. Cauko!

03 March 2006, 11:23 PM
I really like the look. Very cool!

Juraj Molcak is entered in the "The Journey Begins Challenge" update: View Challenge Page (

Latest Update: Modeling: Enviroment - polymodeling / quick shader test (

03 March 2006, 05:15 PM
very very nice characters, very nice style... .. .:thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 09:09 PM (


Some enviroment update is here. There is just torus sketch for two trees in top back. Foreground is almost done. Opinion, suggestion, compliment or critique are welcome :)

Keep smile

03 March 2006, 09:15 PM
I like the foreground... that going to frame the little dragon very well I think... :)

and about tea... with that teachers we going to learn good behavour very fast... haha...

03 March 2006, 10:01 PM
Nice models and texturing...everything seems so...old....Very very good!!!

03 March 2006, 02:10 AM
I cannot get over how cool that polygon style looks.

03 March 2006, 02:30 AM
this is coming together so well! love the new foliage bits. cool stuff!

03 March 2006, 03:17 AM
hey man thats woocktastic...and really woocknder...keep doing like this!:thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 04:24 AM
sweet work on the trees,the shapes work very well with the faceted look your working with


03 March 2006, 09:37 AM
I like the foreground... that going to frame the little dragon very well I think... :) .......

I agree...very smart that got me visiting every single day..i need my cg eye candy of the day on this..:bounce: