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02 February 2006, 06:06 AM
Hi there. I've got an entire skinned skeleton which is being "driven" by another rigged skeleton via parent-contraints(with offsets) to the joints. I want to delete the old rigg and skeleton so I could get a clean export to game engine.

How can I take the rotation/translation values of the "driven" joints and bake them as FK keyticks on every frame? I could do this "manually" by setting a keytick on the joint, a "blend node" is automatically then created to balance between the keytick and the contraint. I set that blend node to 1. However, I would have to do this for every joint before I could delete the control rigg and still maintain the motions.

I can't use Maya's retargeting feature because of the nature of the two skeltons along with the orientations is very different.


03 March 2006, 03:26 PM
hi podman,

since u have the animation now.. select all the joints, and go to edit > Keys > Bake keys > option and there u can open the option box and select the required optinos and bake the keys..

it will bake the keys of the choosen channels or all the keyable channels and then u can delete the parent constraints from the selected bones. use : select "*parentConstraints*"; delete; - to delete all the constraints....

this shud work ... lemmme know this helps ?

03 March 2006, 09:44 PM
Thanks. Yeah, SeanN suggested the same thing to me in an email. This was just something I never knew you could do until now.

Thanks, man!


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03 March 2006, 09:44 PM
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