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02 February 2006, 05:20 AM
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02 February 2006, 05:25 AM
Wow, great challenge topic. I'm looking forward to participating in this one, as I haven't been in any of the CGTalk challenges before. I probably don't have much of a chance of winning as I'm just using freeware, but this should be a good experience and a good chance to meet other artists.

I'll try to post an idea tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's entries!

02 February 2006, 10:17 AM
hello there!, so this is your first challenge ? thats cool man, i hope this is the first of many challenges for u, and well i wish u the best in this one, ill be waiting to see your ideas.

03 March 2006, 12:30 AM
rattlesnake: Hehe, thanks. I'll be watching you, too. :)

Well, I had a whole day of boring classes to think of an idea, and I came up with one around 4th period :D.

The Story:

In the near future, robots are used for manual labor while the upper-class jobs are left to the humans. These robots are created to learn by repetition of tasks, so the more they do whatever job they are assigned to, the more efficient they are at accomplishing that task. As the ultimate goal of the robots is to become more efficient, they eventually began to cooperate to accomplish their jobs more efficiently. This cooperation ultimately developed into a sense of friendship and comradery, and a few of the robots learned to 'look out for each other' and help each other out, while the majority continued to work in their usual, mindless efficiency.

One of the main tasks these 'learning robots' are left to take care of is farming, so that they are able to supply food for the human population. The farms are all located on the outskirts of the main cities where the humans live, and are left to run themselves. As the robots learn by example and through experience, there are a few things they are not capable of doing... one of which is fixing themselves.

The story begins with one of the robots being injured in an accident on one of the farms in the distant outskirts of town. As they have developed a sense of comradery over time, one robot begins to feel emotion as he sees his friend only inches away from 'death'. He feels the need to help his friend, and decides to take him to the only place where he can get fixed -- downtown. He grabs his friend by the arm and begins to drag him toward town, while the other robots continue working, not being able to comprehend doing anything as inefficient as ceasing their work to help someone else. And so, the robot begins his journey to town to help his friend.

I'll see if I can get a concept up tonight... comments welcome!

03 March 2006, 12:46 AM
Interesting backstory! Love to see it pulled together! :thumbsup: Good luck!


03 March 2006, 02:23 AM (

Just a quick, rough concept. Most of the final composition/lighting/design/etc. will be finalized in the 3D version.

03 March 2006, 08:08 PM
yeah..i like the story..and the night environment will set a really interesting mood:thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 05:57 AM
Nice story and concept, Ben. It certainly has potential for showing a lot of mood and emotion. Good luck.;)

03 March 2006, 06:04 AM (

More concepts. Not sure which head design I like better...

EDIT: Thanks guys. Hopefully this concept shows what I intend a bit better... had to whip out the good old pencil. Can't draw with a mouse to save my life, haha.

03 March 2006, 06:21 AM
Your robot looks cool:)

I like the head on the right.

Good luck!

03 March 2006, 02:25 PM
Nice clean robot designs there. I think the one on the right has it. Itís the jaw that does it for me.

03 March 2006, 01:52 AM (

I find it easier to plan my scenes in 3D, as I can place everything where it should go easier, and can rotate the camera around it to find a composition I like. Anyway, here's my layout so far. I might drastically change the scene before I'm done, but it will all depend on what will convey the story more effectively. Comments?

03 March 2006, 03:02 AM (

Began modeling the head which will be used on both robots. I ended up going with the design on the right of my concept sketch, since everyone seemed to like that one better. Thanks for watching!

03 March 2006, 03:21 AM
Hey Ben,

Nice to see you doing your first challenge, I am sure you will enjoy yourself and learn lots. I like your idea and it is similar but different to my entry.
Your modeling of the robot looks good so far and you have a nice start to the composition of the scene.

03 March 2006, 03:34 AM
Nice start on the modeling:)

03 March 2006, 06:58 AM
Great concept and backstory! The modeling looks good so far too. Keep it up! :beer:

03 March 2006, 07:26 AM
Nice start for scene and robots - have fun with your first challenge :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 07:09 PM
very interesting story. hope to see it come to life in 3d soon.

03 March 2006, 07:45 PM
nice and clean model man ...
i realy like it ... keep it up :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 07:34 AM (

Thanks for all the comments guys!

I've continued with the modeling. Usually when I do robots, if I think something would look cool, I simply stick it on. This time around, I'm trying to give every part a purpose. Here's a little discription of what everything is and what it all does:

The Head - Obviously contains the eyes so that he can see what he's doing. The eyes don't give off any light, they simply take it in. The mouth is the only unnecessary part on the robot so far, as I really only added it for personality purposes.

The Neck - The neck is made so that it can rotate on the x axis, and also pivot on the y and z axes. At the base of the neck where it connects with the body, there is a layer of rubber insulation to keep water out of the electronic parts, and also to allow the head/neck room to move.

The Chest - On his chest there are two small, (soon to be blue) lights. These give off just enough light for his eyes to get an idea of his surroundings. He also has a large floodlight type light in the middle of his chest, with little hinged blinds over it. The blinds can pivot to adjust the angle and intensity of the light, which is used mainly in extreme darkness or heavy fog.

I'm probably going to have some sort of backpack on him to supply power, but I'm still figuring that part out.

Comments welcome!

03 March 2006, 05:21 AM
Itís coming along nicely. I think itís a good idea to rationalise everything you are modelling. Itís a simple design but a strong one.:thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 04:53 AM
Man that is nice! I love how clean your models are! Best of luck to you Flamingbs!

03 March 2006, 07:40 AM
hello..your modeling is looking very good , no crits..good job :thumbsup:

03 March 2006, 03:11 AM
Interesting story, and nice and clean start to the modelling :) Looking forward to the development.

03 March 2006, 03:01 AM (

Sorry it's been so long without an update guys, school caught up with me for awhile...

Anyway, I got a bit more modeling done, and started posing the robots. The one being carried will be beaten up later, but I'm not going to do that until I've gotten them both fully modeled.

In history class today, we were learning about the Romantic art movement and I saw a few paintings that gave me new ideas for the composition of the final image. I'll keep them in mind, and just keep pressing on with the modeling for now, though. Once the robots are done, I'll think more about how the scene is going to look.

EDIT: Sorry about the small picture size. The render is taking longer than expected with both robots in the scene now. Hopefully my next update will have the 800x600 render again.

Thanks for watching!

03 March 2006, 04:16 PM
Iím really enjoying the design of you robot:). I hope the rendering doesnít give you too much grief.:sad:

03 March 2006, 01:41 PM
The idea quite interesting :)
Good luck to u!

03 March 2006, 02:24 PM
Idea's can be pucked out of almost anywhere. It's great to hear that something came out from your history class. Sometimes its also good to do a quick sketch incase that idea gets lost overtime. The model you have there is nice and simple. Doing very well indeed.

03 March 2006, 06:38 PM
Cool idea and nice start :thumbsup:

Good luck in this and have a lot of fun :bounce:

04 April 2006, 11:03 AM
hi, i like your modeling, keep it up!:thumbsup:

my journey (

04 April 2006, 05:10 PM (

Thanks for the encouragement guys!

I know I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself by starting on the texturing and lighting already, but I couldn't resist playing around with it. I figured I'd post it since I haven't had much time to model, and this is really the only progress I've had since the last update (besides adding the lower legs as you can see in this picture). The ground is still extremely rough, it's just a basic model with two basic textures on it. Also, as you can tell, I changed the composition. I felt that it wasn't as interesting just seeing the backs of the robots, as all of the detail is on the front. I'll probably end up showing the farm that they came from in the background, and a sign in the foreground pointing to town.

Thanks for watching!

04 April 2006, 06:49 AM
Good luck with the concept rework. The robots look good with their lights on.;)

04 April 2006, 06:52 AM
hey ..i cool test on the lights...the feeling will be great for the scene man... keep swiming mate, :thumbsup:

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