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03 March 2002, 04:25 AM
I am working on my portfolio and I am desperately seeking some solid advice.

How many polygons? For the most part I have been creating Q3A characters and Map objects. My map objects are under 600 polys with 512x512 textures, while my characters are around 1000 polys with 512x512 textures. Recently I have noticed that Q3A modelers are starting to create 2000+ models and using even larger texture sizes.

What polycount should I aim for? And what texture size? The company I would like to work for is creating a PS2 game and a PC Massive Multiplayer…

My next problem has to do with posting work online. I have a lot of map textures that I have been working on and I have not put them online because I'm worried someone will rip them off. Should I just make a private area of my site to show companies or should I just water mark them and keep them on the public site?

Last of all... if would really appreciate if some people in the industry could give me some feedback on my site and work. What they think I should work on in order to make my portfolio more attractive. My site is

I am going to GDC and hopefully I can pick up some good advice there, but I was hoping to get some more work by then.


The Magic Pen
03 March 2002, 09:47 PM
Look at this thread there are a few answers here.

You will always have to worry about people ripping you off, but there are lots of really GREAT artists who put there work online and it's just something you have to deal with. You can always digitaly watermark your work.

Maybe some good advice here also..

03 March 2002, 03:38 AM
man, i like your aircraft. The back of the beechcraft props have the wireframe showing, so you may want to fix that.

if you password your image/texture/model section, casual surfers will not see your work. i have been contacted to do lots of contract work from several who just surfed in, its a chance im willing to take. Im also not immune to getting ripped off and its happened to me in the past with most of my car models.

eitherway, youve got some nice stuff


03 March 2002, 08:06 AM
First of all, thanks for the note about the Baron. ViewPoint is really picky for some reason with the Barons props. I had to unweld them to fix one problem that is much worse then the wireframe showing. But I will see if I can fix both problems.

Sadly, today I looked over my web log and saw that the HR person from the company I wanted to look at just skimmed over my entire site in less then 2 minutes. They ran though the site so fast they didn't even see the button to the detailed section on each Game objects. I have only been working on my game portfolio for a month or two now... but I thought it was at least good enough to get more then 2 minutes of viewing. Who ever was looking at my site was spending less then 3 seconds on each page. Maybe they were just looking for something I don't have. Like some more concept art or original 3d characters.

But the show must go on. :) Today I already roughed out another model and finished some textures.

As you can see I put a large and opaque watermark over my work. It might be too much. These textures were originally 1024x1024, and then I halved them. They still might be halved again, but I thought this looked good. All these were made from photographs I shot and edited in Photoshop. Pretty basic stuff... but I think I need some more map texturing examples in my portfolio.


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