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12 December 2002, 03:51 AM
Can anyone point me to good lighting tutorials. I'm working in Max 5 and struggling with realistic or even decent looking lighting. I am using the default scanline renderer. I've peeked at the advanced lighting new to R5 but it renders soooo slowly that until I'm know more, I'm staying away from it...

Also, how much of a difference does the render used make? For example a scene set up exactly the same way will look (choose one)

1. different
2. radically different
3. what are you nuts??

using different renderers. Where can I read up on some of the differences and WHY this is so? Obviously, I'm new to the whole 3d thing - any info is appreciated.



Ian Jones
12 December 2002, 07:43 AM
You can get extremely good results with the MAX default scanline. But, you have to be really good with lighting. I can't do it myself tho. :rolleyes:

GI / Radiosity makes a huge difference to the realism of a scene. I think that if you don't jump on the bandwagon then you'll may get left behind a bit. It seems everyone is doing it. It certainly can produce some wonderful results, but it does depend again on the individual user and their skill level. I have seen many pictures rendered with 3rd party plugins, that are worse than good scanline renders. It makes a huge difference if you can use software well, no matter how expensive 'Joe Bloggs's" system is, if your $5 renderer can get you better results cos you are elite, then you are better off!

As for your question about how different a scene will render. It really depends on the scene. If it needs GI / Radiosity then it will need a renderer capable of it. Some scenes don't need GI and would waste render time using it. Different renderers can sometimes produce wildly different results on the same scene. But then again, you shouldn't compare apples with grapes. Due to the fact that renderers have different feature sets, so how can you compare them fully? You can't.

Hope that helped... :surprised

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