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12 December 2002, 03:51 AM
Hey there one and all :wavey:

Im rigging up the hands on a character im working on ATM, and now in the process of doing influence objects for all the knuckle joints on the fingers.

Ive added various attributes to the main hand control to take care of finger rotations and positions..(ie pinky_bend, fist, hold etc etc.. you get the idea) and im using these attributes to drive the positions of the influence objects on the fingers.

Basically, I want to now mirror across the set driven key info onto the other hand. I know it can be done as shown on one of the Gnomon Workshop tapes, but its a bit tedious considering I have approx 25 influence objects on each hand...

anybody know of any nifty little scripts that might make it a bit easier to mirror the SDK info across? Cheers in advance! :beer:

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