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02 February 2006, 03:29 PM
This forum seems like a really cool forum. I'm looking for some information regarding a possible change in my current workflow an possibly adding Messiah to that workflow. I think what I'm looking for is what experiences other people have in using Messiah as the character animation engine, and then exporting the scene to Lightwave to combine with my other elements in my scene and rendering. Also what were issues that they found? One friend of mine uses Softimage, while another friend uses 3d Studio Max. They are both very good apps for character animation. However, after using Lightwave for years(Sci-fi spaceship work) I really like Lightwaves render engine. Furthermore, I'm not really so sure that I want to tdump Lightwave. Especially since there's no "perfect app". I think what I'm looking for really is something that can be used with Lightwave. Another friend of mine told me about Messiah and looking this program.

What I'm looking for is a program that is "easy"(relatively speaking) to learn characer animation. Yet will be advanced enough to do advanced things later on. I want to create videos that include mecha animation(Battletech type stuff), as well as organic. I also need to create creatures with four, six legs. I, would alos like to have something where I can use one rig, yet when I transport that rig to another object, it works with in that objects limits. I saw my friend in 3DS Max have one rig for a human being take a rig and transport it to a bi-pedal dinosaur. It worked within the dinosaur, yet seemed to work within the limits of the dinosaur mesh. What he showed me was really cool. I wanted to know if Messiah can do that. Also, what about muscle moves? Also, what about mecha movement? Should that be done using IK/FK, or would bones be better?

Sorry in advance if some of my questions are so elementary. But, I'm really new to character animation. All I've done is spaceship & other sci-fi work. All I want to do now is expand my 3d animation horizon by getting into character animation work. From what I've seen on the website, Messiah seems really cool. As I know nobdy in my area who uses it, I wanted to get some information from people who have used in conjuction with Lightwave. Thanks in advance for your answers?

02 February 2006, 04:15 PM
A threat about rigging a mecha in messiah:

02 February 2006, 04:44 PM
My company produced a 2.5 hour educational television series a few years back using just Lightwave and Messiah as a plugin. It is a very robust solution. If you look on the video gallery on pmG's website there is a dino animation that I did a few years back. That was rendered in lightwave as well. In terms of transferring one rig to other geometry. . . it can be fairly simple for basic human swaps. But swapping between a biped and and a dinosaur is not going to be simple. Especially if you are also considering simulation of muscle systems etc. The tools ARE there to do it and it is a zillion times easier that XSI or Maya's default way of working.

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02 February 2006, 04:44 PM
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