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02 February 2006, 09:01 PM
Instead of directing you all to a thread offsite, I thought I'd paste in the notable entries here for you to read and chime in your bits...

Yes folks, I am dusting off the code to finish/fix some of the things in the tool that have been plaguing me on and off over the last little while. This means the code will be optimized once again for LW8.x and beyond, as well as finally fixing the selection by Y axis height tool.

Keep your eyes posted to this thread for updates and the final version of Planar Selection. After this one, there will likely not be another...


Ok... one of the more glaring issues I had slated to be fixed for 8.x compatibility has been addressed and is in working order again (as per the 4.0 version for LW7.x). The function in question is the cutoff angle operator. The math behind the tool was changed with 2.7LS, and Ive retooled it accordingly. It will now ignore that standard 89.9 degree default using ALL polys, or, if another value is entered, with only select polygons falling within the determined degree of rotation away from the cartesean normal (both positive and negative); feedback from the tool is provided if another value is entered.

One monkey off my back, and another one to follow...


So I need some input... and from any and all people interested if possible. I'm looking to expand the code a bit, however it entails quite a bit of extra work on my part, and without a solid base of support for the extension, I don't really want to commit to the task (Im lazy).

As it stands, the tool allows for All Axis selection, X,Y, or Z axial selection and X, or Z selection using a bounding box on the Y axis (still in progress). What I was curious about, and what I am asking people who utililze the tool, is... would a radial (as in X and Z axis together) selection mode be a worthy addition to the tool? I can personally think of many uses for such a feature, but again, its really not something I want to commit to unless there is demand for such a feature?

Your votes count... chime in at will...


02 February 2006, 07:09 PM
Well, here is it, Planar Selection 5.0 for LW8.x.

Recoded and streamlined to make it faster for users to get the results they need.

Removed the Non-Planar polygon detection routines to speed selection along.
Added Radial Selection Methods (XZ, XY, YZ).
Removed the Y axis Height Selection Mode (didnt make sense to have it in there).


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02 February 2006, 07:09 PM
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