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02 February 2006, 12:25 PM

I tried out some of the suggestions so far, and I'm liking the results with the size changes.

So this is my latest WIP.. I started this as a test of Painter 9, as i've never used a painter package extensively before, and so far am loving it. The color is applied with oil brushes and blenders, and the sketch (which will be removed in the final) is done with the pencil tool. All of this was done digitally, no scanning involved.

So my questions so far.. What does everyone think of the placement of the characters? I'm not sure about the 3rd body in the top left corner, is it too distracting? Or, on that note, is only having 3 dead bodies not enough for this? Any general advice about the look of the background so far? The color scheme of the background is pretty cloes to final.. mostly now im putting in maybe some dead grasses, but mostly dry cracking mud and perhaps more rocks. Oh, and lots of indications of combat, blood and broken armor bits and weapons laying about.

Any crits about the overall look of the characters would be welcome too, even tho they are still just in sketch form, I figure nows the best time to fix any glaringly obvious problems I have overlooked.

02 February 2006, 02:02 PM
First 10 second impression - loved it. Got the immediate sense of loss, desperation, pain, agony - all of it. Perhaps the title aided me in that, but isn't it supposed to?

The rocks look great so far.

I /love/ the way the soldier is kneeling.

02 February 2006, 05:23 PM
Great start- one suggestion on the composition. Consider making that kneeling guy a lot bigger- you can throw him on a layer and play around with the size until it feels right. He is the most important element- you're using him to tell most of the story and the bodies around him support the emotions he is displaying, so take advantage of that. You'd be surprised how much room you really have, and don't be afraid to overlap the various characters. Keep it up!

02 February 2006, 07:41 PM
Nice work! like ebrowning said, dont be afraid to play around with the size of the characters.

The kneeling guy does look a little scrawny. He could be bulked up a bit. Cant wait to see the final image, keep up the good work.

02 February 2006, 04:57 PM
Thanks for the crits so far, they are already helping a lot. :)

I think im going to keep working on the background until I have it mostly done before adding in the characters. Any further crits so far? I updated this most recent one with the size changes to the characters, It makes everything look closer together and I think it improves the cohesion of the piece.

See the first post for the updated links.

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02 February 2006, 04:57 PM
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