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02 February 2006, 03:53 PM
Alright all you fence sitters...this one's for you.

I mentioned up in the Contest Welcome thread, that I was planning on swapping out the potential secret prize in the EPII Book bag if I could muster 15 contestants to enter the contest. Right now, I only have 8 and we only have a couple more days to enter. I know we can do better than that. There's too much talent in this forum not to. So even though I was going to wait until I had at least 10 entries to announce this... I'll do it now.. just to see if I can wet your appetite. 7 more people.. that's all it takes.

If 15 contestants enter and complete the competition, I'll swap out the original gifts in the book bag (which currently is Lance Evan's book on EIAS, an ILM Attack Gunship VFX Team patch, and an EP II baseball cap with......a 1GB Apple iPod nano.) I'll have it engraved with EI's catch phrase. Work Hard, Render Fast, Retire Young. (If it will fit...otherwise your name will have to do.)

If 25 contestants enter and complete the competition, I'll upgrade it to a 2GB nano.

If 40 contestants enter and complete the competition, I'll upgrade it again to the top of the line....a 4GB nano.

If 50 contestants enter and complete the competition you'll have your choice of either the Jacket or The book bag with everything. Book, Hat, Patch and the nano.

Now notice how I said ENTER and COMPLETE the contest. A little incentive for you to encourage your fellow CG artists to reach the finish line. If 15 contestants CAN'T finish the contest...the nano goes bye bye until the next time I throw a little party. A qualifying "finishing" entry is a completed rendered image with all 4 stages of the contest observed. The current prizes (Jacket and book bag) will remain intact, as previously offered, if we don't reach our goal.

So what's gonna be folks? :eek:

Its my party and I'll tempt if I want to....

02 February 2006, 09:37 AM
The prize packages have been finalized.

Qualifying contestants are here:

Finalized Prizes are here:

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02 February 2006, 09:37 AM
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