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02-17-2006, 06:18 AM
add a unwrap_uvw to a object . setMapChannel to 3 , and then use "edit" button to modify the uv,
at this time , if u setMapchannel to 1 , and now use flatten button to flatten , the uv that u modified will all be losted .
generally if we want in the new channel we can use the last flatten uv , we have to save the uv at mapchannel 3 and after change to mapchannel 1 we can load the uv file .
my question :

save and load the uv has only this command:

Presses the Save button in the modifier抯 UI


Presses the Load button in the modifier抯 UI

all these command will open the standard dialog ,but i want it save and load automaticly with the script , maybe function like this :

<void> save <object`s unwrap_uvw modifier> <fileName>
<unwrap_uvw modifier> load <fileName> --this command return the saved .uvw file .

i have large objs for save at channel 3 and back to channel 1 . so have to search here for help .

thanks for help .

02-17-2006, 09:54 AM
Effectively if you change the channel of a modifier unwrap_uvw the changes are lost.
The principle is always to have 1 modifier unwrap by channel used.
If you change the channel the modifications are lost because it is a modifier and this changes are not saved in the mesh structure. And no copy is realized during the change.

If you wish to use the channel 3 as start point for another channel (example the 1), you could copy it directly rather than use a save/load. It seems to me easier and especially faster.

3dsmax have already an interface dedicated to the copy of the UV: Tools / Channel Info
Personally I avoid using it because in case of strong use the software become unstable.

If the method of copy interests you, I wrote a script which do it:

You will find inside 2 different functions to copy UVs:

fn copyMapChannel
fn copyMapChannel2

The second routine uses the channelInfo interface.
The first one uses another method but it is slower (if your objects have many faces)

Hope this helps

02-19-2006, 08:20 AM
i will check the script . thanks .prettypixel.

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