View Full Version : Do Not Ask For Lightwave 9 Examples

02 February 2006, 09:52 PM
From the Lightwave FAQ:

Do I have to commit to an NDA to participate in the LightWave v9 Open Beta?
Yes. Agreeing to the terms of a Non-Disclosure Agreement is standard in the software industry, even with open beta programs such as this one. In order to see the software in a pre-release state, you are agreeing to limit your communication about the software in its current state to the company that developed it. This allows NewTek to address the issues found without undue speculation about information that will most certainly change before the final version of the product is released.

What will happen to me if I break the LightWave v9 Open Beta NDA?
As with all legal agreements, there are legal consequences to agreeing to the terms of the Non-Disclosure Agreement and then violating them. By downloading the Open Beta program software, you are agreeing to the terms of the NDA. Please read it carefully and be sure you are willing to abide by it before deciding to participate in the program.

Please do not ask for lw9 examples. If someone wants to post something of theirs without revealing the source, that's a different story but do not ask for examples or anything specific to version 9.