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12 December 2002, 04:04 PM
Ok here i go again. More help needed. :shrug:
Im halfway through my rig, and i decided to just test it some. Play with it see if it fits and so on.
Well to my horror it did not work very well. err the rig worked but not the skinning.

And so i ask those of you in the know:
What is the dos and donts of skinning?

Im asking for the principles of skinning if you see what i mean.

I know you know it. Cause some of you guys are just amazing.
And id like to be that too some day.:wip:


Transform Gizmo
12 December 2002, 05:25 AM
well, im not as amazing as many of these people, and i dont know if there are any set 'principles' of skinning, but perhaps i can try...

there are a few things that i have found to be quite important when i skin a character... once again these are just from my own little opinion.

1)make sure you have a good skin pose that will allow you to easily skin the character for a full range of motion.

2) skin the character when its low poly, and smooth the mesh above skin in the stack. this gives your much faster viewport playback, and makes it easier to skin since you dont have a billion vertices to weight.

3) weighting. normally i like to weight the mesh vert by vert, although if my mesh happens to get fairly high poly for some reason, the paint weights feature comes in handy sometimes.

4) deformers. since your using max, i recommend that you take a look at morph angle deformer. it comes in handy when you have to correct bad deformation in the hips and shoulders, and anywhere you want to get a more custom deformation.

maybe you already know what i just said but hopefully that helps

12 December 2002, 07:29 AM
thanks for the reply. Still i was hoping for somthing a bit more in-depth (only a bit) it could be a good thread to read for all us newbies.

for instance:
How do you use the deformer? (and i dont mean buttonwise, but the smarter way to do it) There always seem to be a trick to most things. And when you find out you go: oh. i wish id known that earlier.

Transform Gizmo
12 December 2002, 07:06 AM
it would take a while to explain how to use morph angle deformer and other deformers in this thread, so i would recommend going to the max reference. the ref actually has a quick tutorial to show you how to use morph angle deformer. its really easy to follow and explains it a lot better than i could. look up the skin modifier in the ref and the tutorial is right in there. as for the other things, like i said im not a huge expert when it comes to skinning, i just do it and keep tweaking it till it works right. but if i happen to stumble upon a good tutorial or article about skinning, ill let you know.

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