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03 March 2002, 09:25 PM
Sorry my first post was a little rushed.

I created the eyelids from a sphere and in the shpere property page turmed the V start to 90, making an eye lid. I then postioned it over the eyeball and scaled it slightly bigger, then I duplicated it for the botttom one. The two lids are linked to a parameter slider for which I have set rotational values at open and closed positions.

The lids are parented to the eyeballs, but the eye ball have no keyframes on. they are constrained in Z to a set of nulls which I keyframe to make the eyes move. The eyes are a child of a bone which is a child of an implicte eye cube whith no keyframes on. But the eye cube is a child of the neck cube which does have rotational keyframes on. And looking back on saved versions it is only on scenes forward of when I started rotating the neck cube that the problem starts.

Hope this makes more sence.


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