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02 February 2006, 01:16 AM

yet another question about poseDeformer...

when i made one corrective shape...for example in the shoulder...and then i made another corrective shape in the same pose deformer in another position i lose a some form in the first C.S. that i made..and if i made several C.S. for the shoulder in diferent positions in the same posedeformer all the shapes changes the form and turns out diferent from what i sculpt..

i`m using in
deform Space:joint space
avgPoseSepRBF: 30000

what can i do to mantain the form that i sculpt in every C.S.?


02 February 2006, 04:50 PM
Hi there,

I've only just started using the poseDeformer plug myself recently so i don't know everything about it, but by the looks of it your Avg Pose Sep RBF value is crazily high. From what i understand that value calculates how your pose's blend together, so if the value is too low the pose's will 'pop' between each other, and if its too high they will all just blend into one.

You want the value to be as low as possible to acheive smooth deformation between pose's, i don't think i've had to use a value above 45 degs, and that was on an elbow with 2 pose's. On my characters shoulder that has about 5 corrective shapes the value is around 20degs i think, as there is less ground to cover between each pose. 30,000 might be your problem :)

Have a good read of too, it give's a pretty good overview of how to use the poseDeformer.

Hope that helps

02 February 2006, 07:05 PM
thanks Hez...i`m goin to try that....the 30000 value is the value by default, but i`m goin to try diferent numbers to see what i get..

thanks again

02 February 2006, 07:25 PM
Hmmm.... If you get that as default then it might just be maya showing the decial places, the default i get is 30.

Have a look at the bottom of the tutorial page i posted, the method he use's is by making a pose in the default position, then making all the corrective pose's for the different joint angles. He then sets the Max Angle for all the individual poseReaders to 180 and controls the blending by changing the Avg Pose Sep RBF.

The only other thing i could think is if you're not giving each pose a unique name and its overwriting them each time you make a new one.

Sorry i've not been much help

EDIT: Also make sure you are parenting the poseReaders to the joint above the one you are moving (ie, if you're working on the shoulder, parent the poseReaders to the Clavicle) and check you have the Axis direction set correctly for each poseReader, by default its set to Y, but on my skeleton the direction down my bones is X so it needed to be changed, otherwise you get funky results

02 February 2006, 09:47 PM
damn!!! are right, the dafault avgPoseSepRBF is 30.000....

what i do is like in the tut. that you linked, i have 4 or 5 diferent poses with diferent names in one poseDeformer...

i check each pose node in the channel box and it has a lot of far i just play with Max Angle...

another thing that i think could be my problem is that perhaps each pose cone are to close and maybe they affect each other deforms..

i goin to keep testing until i get it right..


sorry for my bad english
best regards

02 February 2006, 10:12 PM
Aye it is probably the cones overlapping and influencing each other. I had similair problems when i first did my shoulder, i had 5 corrective shapes and i was tweaking the cone size for each and it was a right headache. In the end i set them all to 180 and used the avgPoseSepRBF value to control the lot.

You could start from again on setting up the poseReaders (cones) To save you remodelling all the corrective shapes, disable all the cones accept one, move the joint to the exact angle of that cone and duplicate your mesh, then turn that cone off, turn another one on, move the joint, duplicate mesh etc for all your cones.

Then you can delete the poseDeformer node for the problem joint, setup a new one, move the joint to the angles you have before and use the duplicated mesh's as blendshapes to apply the corrective shape.

Of course, you could do all of that and it would still be the cones overlapping and messing it up.

Hope you figure the problem out, i'd offer to look at the file but i'm going away tomorrow for a week.

Good luck

02 February 2006, 01:57 AM
thanks a lot for all your help Hez...have a nice trip

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