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02 February 2006, 11:18 PM

I've been having trouble with referencing a character and I was wondering any is having the same trouble.


File>Reference character (option box)

i use namespaces

all nodes> this string > "name"

the problem I'm having is when I remove a character from the reference editor and then bring the character back in. When I re-reference the character into the scene it adds a "1" to the end of the file, which tells me something is already named with the name "ginger" so it adds a "1" to the end.

I've tried deleting the history before re-referencing the file but with no luck. What I've had to do is start a new scene in order to bring in the ginger chacacter without getting the "1" added, basically start over again.

It's a bit of a hassel having to start a new scene and was wondering if you anyones has any ideas for me to try and re-reference a character into a scene without getting the "1" added to the characters name?


02 February 2006, 04:57 AM
When you "remove the character from the reference editor" are you removing the reference (Remove Reference) or unloading the reference (Unload Reference, or unchecking the checkbox)? Likewise when you re-reference the character are you creating a new reference or reloading the existing one?

If you create two references using the same namespace the namespace of the second reference will have a "1" added to the end. Maybe you're unloading the first reference and then creating a new reference?

If you're simply removing the reference and then recreating a new one with the same namespace, no "1" should be added - if a "1" is added that implies there may be a node in your scene with the same name as the namespace. Try:

ls 'ginger';

If that returns anything then there's an identically named node in your scene and it will cause a clash with the namespace name.

You could also try:

namespaceInfo -listOnlyNamespaces;

That will return all of the namespaces in your scene, if there's one called 'ginger' and one called 'ginger1' then that implies that, somehow, your original 'ginger' namespace was not removed.

What version of Maya are you using?

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02 February 2006, 04:57 AM
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