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02 February 2006, 08:26 PM
---That is the Question---

Now is XSI the best???... seriously what Plato or Socratus will have to say on this matter or should we accept Freud approach that choosing XSI has more to do with our abnormal sexuality and opressed childhood?

I Intended this as a reply to "Is XSI any more popular?" but Here we go... another pointless thread dedicated to all you bored cg artists out there... Welcome to another "What is best" trilogy


I started with 3d studio when dos where the os. Not much could be done in 3d those days everything was click and move and pray not to make a mistake . Drawing with pencils seemed 10 times more exciting. And then I moved to MAX 1 - 7. And bla bla bla

---XSI revealed---

I will have to agree that XSI is the easiest to use without compromising power. Another thing that I find annoying with 3dmax and maya is that they are powerfull 3d tools but they do not have a real GRAPHICAL INTERFACE . How they DARE!!! everything is so ugly only text , buttons and menus. Even computer music software is more beatiful... Computer music software For christ sake!!! (see ableton live or fruityloops or sonar or thousands of vst plugins). What I also like in XSI is the freeform aproach to almost anything so everything seems and tastes more like cooking (... and burning the food... sometimes... well you could say that you overcooked it and blame XSI... machines and software are good for taking the blame you know) than clicking endless tick boxes (I am talking to you stupid 3d max). And I would not dare to forget the fact that it can handle billion of polygons and general speaking it tries to be as light as possible with your machine (Yes ... Yes... I do not have to wait forever to manipulate ZBRUSH models)

---Freedom of Choice----

Personally I think it has more to do with marketing than which software is the best. Only if you exclude the factor that is easy to use then I can accept that other packages are better. But at least from the perspective of hobbist is the best choice. Another 3d application that I am starting to love is Cinema 4d it is a very promising software... it is funny before I started using XSI and Cinema I thought that they Will be the last in my list of favorites ones but now I believe otherwise.

---Begging for job---

Now job-wise learning 3d studio max is a safe bet. Autodesk is formidable opponent now that has erased maya as competitor. Of course Maya will remain alive for some time ( take a deep breath you Maya users relax ...happy thoughts...and now let us listen to ENIGMA....!) because is a flagship product and is more likely that 3dmax is going to look alot like maya(oh no!!! ) so that will be easier for maya users to convert to 3d max(oh no Again!!). But in the end None is a fool to believe that Autodesk will pay for developing two programmes that do almost the same thing while it can have one product twice the customers and of course double the profit.

---Life is a pointless thing---

Of course as things go ... because XSI tries to look and feel like maya(XSI:"When I grow up I wll be just like Maya and everybody will love and hug me ...") in the end all big competitors will propably look the same.(Imagine that .... that will be rude AFTER spending all these years learning the specifics of your "favourite" 3d package so you may feel an expert... A guy come to your door and shouts "pointless I say .... pointless!!!") Thus it is safe to assume that we move towards a unified interface that does not mean that all software packages will be the same but moving from X to Y product will be ten times easier. (Yeah right !!! )

On other hand because there are alot of specialized products see ZBRUSH see VUE5 see POSER etc. in the end if you have money the options are limitless and you propably will spent the rest of your life spending and learning (like pokemon you got to catch them all but in the end you only catch your breath) till your skin reach your bones and your are dead and gone.

--- I saw light in the end of the tunnel ... but some jerk turned off the light---

Yes ... yes... I have to agree in the end (stop keep saying "in the end" it sounds so sad!) it is just you... the God of the machine... the creator of beauty... and the software has more to learn from you than you from it .... But money are never enougth and you propably will keep wondering " Which one should I use... Which one ... Oh my god" and running in circles like most humans do throught our 10 milion history. Now you propably wished you never asked that damn question but that is your problem ..................... Now where is that smiley for vomiting........

02 February 2006, 08:32 PM
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