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02 February 2006, 04:55 PM
Hi guys! Although I already have a job at a local 3d studio here in the Philippines, I am concurrently full-time at university. I am about to graduate with a degree in Digital Illustration and Animation from a top animation school here. This is my senior project, my beloved showreel. Everything here is all personal or academic work. We are yet to have a reel review conducted by a panel of judges so I still will have time to revise. I would really really really really really appreciate any comments and suggestions to make this thing better! thanks!

Raph Garcia Showreel 2006 320x240 Quicktime 13MB (


02 February 2006, 07:53 PM
I am going to give this a quick once over and treat it like a demo reel, like something you would give to studios who might be looking to hire you. First I would like to say that it seems expectations are much different in say India/Philippines from the reels I have seen compared to western standards.

- First thing is the music hits me first, it's loud and abrasive and annoys the hell outta me. This is a big no no from what I am told as it will get your reel chucked.
- First piece has alot of popping in the joints, your feet are also breaking through the floor. You have some super fast moves that really don't flow properly. Your arms are pretty bad as the fingers are fixed in place and the elbows and wrists don't bend much either. This is supposed to be your best piece, the one that draws them in. It has some nice movements but alot of bad stuff is hurting it.
- Ok your car driving, well it's a car and animating cars/spaceships doesn't show off any real animating skills unless it is outstanding which this isn't. The drift catches strangly at the end and the guy isn't moving at all inside the car, he looks like a mannequin.
- Enter the spaceship...well alot of crazy stuff is going on and I couldn't decide what to look at. Then the single fly-by by the tiny spaceship and then it hooks quickly into a building. I really don't know what to think of this. The camera movements really betray the effect as it seems to move with the camera.
- Ok your muscly violent man, now your arms are twinning and he isn't fluid at all. He is hopping like a frog with his upper body locked in position. He turns to jump for her feet but just falls on his face.
- Your band, not this part isnt too bad except it is kind pointless to have a lip sync without the words right? He is just moving his mouth, I can't tell if the lip sync is good or god awful.
- The guys playing instruments aren't too shabby, you have some secondary motion going on and some better timing. Nice little cycles going on.
- The guy who turned to crystal? I don't know what was going on.
- The guy on the plane is talking I think, then plane is going down and then he puts on this look like he is about to eat your children instead of the scared look he should really have.
- The guy on the sinking boat jumps to the side kinda floaty and then he has this huge pop in his knee.
- When the boat gets struck by lighting the boat is perfectly still.

You really need to pick something and do that. It seems you are trying to do everything and succeeding at nothing. You have some nice stuff but it is getting smothered by amateur student work. I don't mean to be mean, I really hope this helps you and gives you some direction. I just felt someone needed to be straight with you.

02 February 2006, 08:05 PM
well done on graduating! just graduated myself.

a few tips:

1. take out the unessential fillers eg. half of the charcter chasing the girl i would lose the second half

2. the air craft crashing into the building redo the lighting or the texturing on the plane also at the end the fire coming out of the building loses it's mark (like the camera tracking needs to be done again) if your using bouju redo it, that program can do wonderful things.

3. the band playing goes for to long shorten it.though i like the fact that the drumer goes in time with the audio

4.the little nija dud is cool do somthing else to him, like when he turns to glass make him explode/shatter. if your using 3ds max pflow can do that really quickly and it'll look great.(check out the ice cube i done took about 5 hours all-up)

5.the dude on stranded on the boat to long nice camera work though. night cene of that is great i would keep it, the water is cool.i'd cut it just before the maste snaps.

6.make the waking-up part a little more snappy like bangbangbang in a row make it about 1-2 secs not almost 3.

7. keep the pictures show skill

8. lose the photo's of what must be yourself having fun poeple hiring don't want to see that.

9. i like the link between start and end with a self portrait charcter thats cool.

10. i would recosider the music even though i like metal and hard stuff. get somthing that compliments it and is a little more melow.

let me comment on why i said this stuff it's cuase i've been looking for jobs since november and people keep telling me the same stuff. polish polish polish. my crits aren't gonna be the worst you here, i've heard much worse.

good luck and don't stress about it to hard, all you can do it keep chiping away at your skills, you'll be great!

PS if you have any question about what i said give us a yell.

02 February 2006, 03:40 AM
Wow! I am almost overwhelmed! Thanks guys! I will try as much as I can to improve on what I have based on every single one of your comments! The thing is really, although I have fought hard for our professors to require us a reel that is more specialized, they prefer (as it is what companies here tell them to do as CG in the Philippines is only in its infancy) that we cut a reel that presents ourselves as a "jack-of-all-trades" digital artist. Therefore we are
required to have a number of things on our reel: animation, vfx, traditional art & graphic design (which really should be printed on a portfolio) instead of just concentrating on one skill in specific. I will recut my reel soon and do more stuff for what I really want to do after I graduate but for now, by requirement, it will have to stay everywhere like this. Thanks guys!

02 February 2006, 07:05 AM
it good to see that you didn't take the comments to heart shows that you can take constructive critz really well.

i do understand the whole jack of all trades senerio cause it is almost very similiar here in australia. but i will say being a jack of all trades and a master none is bad anywhere, sure it's good to have a broad skill set cause it make's it more conveinant for companies that way, but i think you should be able to specialise in an area ei sfx,aniamting etc and have that as a main title, whist haveing the ability to be an all-rounder with 3d, makes it very hard i supposed but thats what has to be done.

anyway all best and good luck!

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