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01 January 2006, 06:24 PM
How to create hard looking surfaces in zbrush? Like metal parts inside flesh and stuff. When I work in Zbrush i make organic loking stuff, like human heads and bodys etc, but if I want some metal plate in the head of my character it cant be looking like clay and all organic, it need to look smooth and hard, like metall :) Anyone has any ideas?

Here is an example of what i mean, the model is very highpoly and organic looking, except for the "eye" area of the face that looks like a metall object inserted into the face? How to do this? :)


And I have another question that is kind of related. Look at this image, another good looking Doom modell:

This one is very organic but he guns and some other parts of the modell is "lowpoly" and metal looking, looks like the are made in Maya or something and integrated into the zbrush model? What is the workflow to do this? Can you add stuff into your zbrush object when you are done with the organic part of a modell? Becauce I cant thing they import a 2million+ polygon model into maya and then add the final stuff... I really hope someone can answer all of my questions :). This forum rocks and the best in the world write here so I hope someone can! :)

02 February 2006, 07:20 PM
Nobody can do such stuff, except Kenneth Scott, so nobody will help you. Anyway, the guns are done in Lightwave.


02 February 2006, 08:46 PM
Actually, hard surface modeling is not as difficult as some might think. I put together a zscript tutorial showing how to create hard edge deformations on a mesh created from simple zspheres. The zscript can be found here:

You can essentially apply this technique to any mesh in zbrush to create both soft and hard edge deformities. As far as poly count goes, you can export your low poly model accompanied by a high res normal map out of zbrush for use in any other 3D application that supports the use of normal mapping.

Hope this helps! - J

03 March 2006, 08:37 AM
im almost positive he doesnt model his metal parts in Zbrush, i think he just models them in SubDs in an outside app, and just brings his Zbrushed object out, and uses displacement maps for the render. it really doesnt make much sense to me to do hard edged objects in Zbrush, thats not really what it was built for.

only thing i would do hard edged stuff in zbrush with, would be to do like small scraches and stuff... but again why bother do that in photo shop on the displacement or bump channel and save yourself the trouble

03 March 2006, 03:42 AM
Kenneth Scott works are great very artistic.

Ok on the first image the head was done in zbrush, how do I know well look closely on hard edges on the plate, its not very precise. The smooth and pinch brush are key, I have done it myself and its ok for less precise edges.

The second image of bruce model. The guns and all inorganics are done in lightwave. this is very easy do in my opinion, being a lightwave and modo user. Most of it is done using stencil drill tool in lightwave.

I've tried this myself the process went like this,

1.make base model in 3d app
2.sculpt in zbrush but not too much, just to get the shape of model.
3.bring back to 3d app, make mechanical attachments.
4.bring back model to zbrush with all the mech parts, subdivide by groups. subd the organics
and detail away. to make the flesh going over mech parts, use the move tool or nudge brush.

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