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01 January 2006, 07:45 AM
Hi been, a lunker at most. but I do check things out and stuff.

This is acutally my first time posting a material of me. and man I was nervous. but I have to get a grip and post it here one way or the other.

I recently grad of Toronto Film School. I made a short film instead of a demo reel called "Dreamchaser". I just want you guys to see it and see what you think. Theres alot of good stuff here on this forum, I felt inferior already.

anyways. its around 4 mins, I hope you dont mind the length.

Xvid MPEG-4 format - 51.4mb
Dreamchaser.avi (

You can check more of my other works at my site.

Limiter-Release PortFolio Site (

Thank you guys.

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01 January 2006, 07:40 PM
Not too bad. The story and editing are working. I "get" it.
Still, a lot of work is necessary before this reel is professional.
this bugged me the most... its an emotional, dramatic story in a dark, ethereal place. Lighting should take the lead in setting the tone. Warm or cool? Dark and shadowy or light and brilliant? Monochromatic, limited pallette, or full-color resplendency? Make these decisions and light accordingly... dont simply light so that everything can be seen. As it is now, the tone is mostly muddy gray without interesting shadows and there is no significant difference in mood between the real world and dream world. When it changes over, the lighting should change too, to signify we're in a new place altogther.
it bugged me that although there were many closeups on her face, she wore no expression. I agree with your editing decisions mostly, so the closeups SHOULD be there... but there needs to be some emotional information conveyed when we look.
I appreciate the secondary motion on the hair, but sometimes its the only thing on her thats moving... which makes it not secondary and unmotivated.
Smooth out the camera motion, its jarring, especially on the zoom in/washout on the necklace. One place I really liked it though, is the red evil-hand-vision shot. That looked great.
the evil black hand would be more discernible as such if it could be lit and its form revealed. Right now, its mostly just a black static-y blob thats hard to see against a dark background.
Does the light-bird turn into a sword and destroy the death hand so that the girl can escape? That part (the climax) is a bit unclear.

I hope you feel like going back into it. WHat do you feel is your strength? Maybe focus on that aspect rather than the full-blown short.


01 January 2006, 08:21 PM
Thank a bunch, HenningK!

when I finish the short. thats when I thought I shoudlnt have focused on texturing, modeling reel instead of short film. I wasnt really good at character animation to begin with. but I just gotta get it my story out in my mind before I go in peace.

I definitely consider your suggestion, I actually got a something working on focusing on that.

basic plot:
the girl was on the hospital room, that protray that she is sick somehow. With her having nightmares just making her condition worst. Being stuck at a labyrinth and being chased by that evil hand. the light pendant materialized and help her out of the dream, and returning her back to real world.

I intended the evil-black hand not to be lit, as defined as unknown being that lurks in the shadow, looking for victims but hates the light.

The pendant light, the spirit(bird) it turns into sword was just the fastest possible action it can do to save the girl from getting consumed.

I definitely consider your suggestion, I actually got a something working on focusing on that.

Thanks for the review.

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